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Darmanin on site in December 2022

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Home and Foreign Minister Gerald Darmanin will travel to Mayotte at the end of December to assess the government’s commitments as the Indian Ocean island emerges from a cycle of violence between rival gangs.

What we know about tensions erupting in Mayotte after another weekend of violence

During his first visit to Mayotte in August, Minister He pledged to return to the island by the end of the year in order to take stock of the commitments made at that time […] Thus the Minister will go to Mayotte at the end of December and will spend the new year on this occasion alongside the Mahoris, police and gendarmerie mobilized to ensure the safety of the population.According to a statement from the minister’s office.

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“Security First Response”

In August, Gérald Darmanin pledged to dedicate a fourth mobile gendarmerie squadron of 72 gendarmerie to support the regional staff, to reinforce actions implemented under the Chikandra plan launched in 2019, to fund video protection and equipment for the municipal police. Municipalities benefit, and the delivery of two additional interceptors in the first quarter of 2023, and the creation of four new gendarmerie brigades between 2023 and 2027, the ministry states.

In the past two weeks, the island of Mayotte has witnessed violence between young people from rival neighborhoods, sparked by the killing of one of them, prompting the government to send reinforcements from the elite police intervention unit.

In Mayotte, many families have nothing left to eat.

“In the face of this phenomenon, we will first have a security response as soon as possible, then cooperate but with great force (with the Comoros), and thirdly we must continue the in-depth work of reforms in Mayotte, because we can clearly see that our situation today, our rules, must adapt. with the reality on the groundPresident Emmanuel Macron said last week that elected officials from Mayotte were defiant during his visit to Meyers Salon.

In Mayotte, insecurity feeds on grinding poverty: 194,000 Mahorai, or 74% of the population, live with a standard of living less than 50% of the national average, according to INSEE.

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