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Willow review: Fantasy Television That’s Here to Have a Good Time

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dirty: It was a great time for super-serious sci-fi and fantasy epics, as was anyone trying to keep up Dragon houseAnd the Lord of the Rings: Rings of PowerAnd the hypnotistand a lot, many Other offers will tell you. But here comes Disney + willowwith a modern rock ballad at its heart, a hot young band ready to spring into action, and a band of their own up to the swords and sorcery of engagement.

willow? You mean three-time MTV Video Music Award nominee Willow, right? Well, as an old fan of the 1988 movie willowthe person who spent his life screaming “what do you mean, you haven’t seen willow? People have… I know there’s a good chance most people aren’t familiar with the original Ron Howard-directed fantasy adventure.

So here’s the deal: In the original movie (with a story by George Lucas, who’s obviously re-read The hobbit many times before), Warwick Davis starred as an aspiring magician in a fantasy land where young children discover a child drowning in a river near their village. The child in question turns out to be the prophesied Elora Danan (a whole bunch of Dog reservation Fans just got carried away with it), designed to help bring down the evil queen who rules the kingdom.


Willow and his allies also played a part in that battle that destroyed the Queen, however, the series begins 20 years later to find that after rebelling against her mother (the aforementioned Evil Queen), the warrior princess Sorsha (Gwan Wali) has become a respected ruler of the kingdom of Tir-Aslin, and her children have reached the age of The age of majority now.

Ter Aslin has known peace for decades, and Elora Danan herself has been hidden from the world all this time. But when evil forces come to the capital and kidnap one of them – Just And reluctant tomboy princess Kate (Ruby Cruz) has also been coming to terms with her upcoming impromptu marriage, too! Sorsha sends a rescue team, with the additional task of re-joining Willow in the cause of keeping the kingdom safe.

We are going on an adventure! the original willow is an exceptionally fun if flawed game, anchored by the charismatic Val Kilmer who is nearing the height of his star but bogged down by some terrible storylines. (Do I think it’s true that the original movie only has a 53% score on Rotten Tomatoes? No. Do I get why that’s the case? Oh yeah.)


Willow (Disney +)

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