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The state is asking governors to anticipate potential blackouts in early 2023

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AFP learned on Wednesday, November 30 from a government source, that the government will send a circular to governors to anticipate and prepare their departments for a scheduled power outage, which could affect 60% of the population but no important site or priority customer.

The text works, which concerns the metropolitan region excluding Corsica, which is linked to Italy and which produces its own electricity “Complete the preparation of the country” Even if periodic load shedding, up to a maximum of two hours, remains a requirement at this point, especially in January if the electricity supply becomes an issue.

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And practical? He’s sober, my job?

“We will only cut off treatment if the cold is confirmed, if we have a problem with production or interconnection (with neighboring countries) and if consumption does not go down.”says the same source.

40% of the French are connected to a priority line

In practice, a part of the population will never be unloaded because it has priority, or is coincidentally linked to a priority line, “What matters to 40% of people”according to the government.

Not an entire department will be discharged, but only parts of the province’s minorities, and there will be no same people twice and none of the roughly 3,800 high-risk patients who rely on home medical equipment plugged in.

In all cases, cuts will be made at times of peak consumption, between 8 am and 1 pm in the morning, and between 6 pm and 8 pm in the evening.

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Freedom, equality and sobriety

With the disadvantage of schools that are likely to be discharged, they do not open in the morning to avoid being without lighting, heating or alarm. And for travellers, the danger is that some trains or metros are canceled to avoid stranding passengers in the middle of the track: “Either you go from start to finish, or we’d rather interrupt for two hours, because staying on the subway for two hours is not an option.”.

The idea is that no one is surprised.

EcoWatt will be issued a red flag three days in advance, allowing you to see which departments will be affected one day in advance, and then find out at 5 p.m. the day before who will be affected by the cuts by entering their address on the website. Enedis and RTE, which operate the French electricity transmission and distribution network: The idea is that no one is surprised.government source.

The circular complements the preparatory work carried out by the prefectures to protect critical sites from wounds: firefighters, gendarmes, hospitals, etc.

A few industrial sites have also been placed on priority customer lists, as have facilities with generators that now have one month to test run them.

Thomas Reverdy: “In the absence of state intervention, electricity consumers will be hostages because they have no other solutions”

For emergencies, it is recommended that 112 be given priority. Complex mapping of white zones is underway where telephone relay antennas will be cut off.

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