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ITA, the airline that made Italian politics lose its mind

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A weary specter has haunted Italians for a quarter of a century: the specter of Alitalia, which continues to divide the peninsula, even after its death. In recent decades, the airline, which made its first flight in May 1947, has known it all: frequent funerals, then divine resurrections, each time becoming more modest, provincial, perilous, cramped, but never ceasing to lose money. Until its recent bankruptcy, in October 2021, and then it was reborn under a new name, ITA Airways.

This was the last of the changes: the Italian government swore to Brussels – which monitors public aid paid to companies in the competitive sector – that the new ITA would not be a burden on public finances, that it would eventually be privatized … until the file was politicized, because for Giorgia Meloni, president The new far-right ministers who fought long before they won the legislative elections on September 25 with projects related to ITA, the file is symbolic: must we continue to do everything in order to retain the “national” character of the company or accept privatization and pass it under foreign control? Her answer will be the first real test of the European credibility and economic and financial rigor of post-fascist party leader Fratelli d’Italia and Palazzo Chigi’s new tenant.

The case is not easy. before identification

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