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Google invents the company in G

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Companies are left with no choice but to simultaneously manage the activity that has sustained them so far and that must be developed to remain competitive in the new economy. With the creation of Alphabet, Google showed them the way, setting a strategic and obscure point.

The very particular way Google is organized seems to be inspired by the principles of thermodynamics. company leaders Mountain view Trying to maintain a balance between three contradictory situations within the same company. Like thermodynamics, which was the engine of the industrial revolution, this department was invented in G by The Google Will you fuel the flame of the digital revolution?

By setting up Alphabet in 2015, The Google He simply did not make contact. a company Mountain view Above all he put a fundamental principle of thermodynamics at the heart of its organization. In this discipline, water can have three distinct states: solid (ice), liquid (water) or superfluid (steam). Under a combination of a given pressure and a given temperature, it becomes possible for water to be simultaneously in all three states simultaneously. And this is how Alphabet has organized its business. its search engine The Google and its derivatives constitute the strong component of the company. On the other end, the activities of X Factor (ex Google X) like stratospheric balloons, or diabetes research makes up the very liquid part. In between, previously ultra-smooth and marketable activities such as self-driving vehicles (Waymo) constitutes the liquid part.

So Google’s strength lies in knowing how to project itself into the future by integrating that what is absolutely new today (superfluid) will quickly become obsolete (solid) at the risk of looking like ice and not being able to evolve. By doing a kind of permanent self-disruption, the company accepts the coexistence of internal cultures, which require specific skills, management and investments and which can easily transfer from one country to another. By maintaining that momentum, by inculcating it in its culture, by ingraining it in its foundation, Alphabet has given itself a way not to implode it from within, but rather to blow out all records.

In the end, The Google The company invented in G. The fun of users is at its height. Brands benefit from improved services every day. Company employees fantasize about their future rewards. Shareholders rejoice. Other companies are not The GoogleWill they also be able to discover their G-points?

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