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For the United States, France remains a difficult ally…but a strategic ally

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Emmanuel Macron is elated. After Donald Trump in 2018, it was Joe Biden’s turn to roll out the red carpet for him. The French president is on a three-day state visit to Washington, starting on Wednesday, November 30. With dinner in the White House, a party, an interview … In short, all the tricks of a meeting at the highest level of protocol. “It is an honor bestowed on France and not on any other European country, so we value it at its fair value.”We’re gargling at the Elysee. there is something. This is the first state visit organized by the Biden administration since its election in November 2020. Quite a symbol.

France comes to look for several things in the United States. Above all, appearing as an interviewer depends on the American president. But also, to defend a European exception on the IRA, the IRA was adopted this summer, which will allow massive investments in US green companies and industries at the expense of US investments in Europe. Finally, get from Joe Biden the unequivocal assurance that he supports Europe’s defense development, a project dear to the French president. Many other topics will be discussed – space, nuclear, Ukraine, China, Iran, climate – but these are the main points of interest to the French.

And America? What do you expect from this extraordinary visit? Why give

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