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Caroline Cailloux is suspected of “tax evasion” by HATVP, who is taking legal action

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The High Authority on Transparency of Public Life (HATVP) on Tuesday 29 November announced legal action after an in-depth review of statements made by Caroline Caillot, the former Delegated Minister responsible for Local Authorities, who resigned on Monday. HATVP claims on suspicion of a “wrong assessment” and one Tax fraud.

“The higher authority indicated that the announcement of Mrs. Caillot’s financial situation included significant reductions in the value of her property, in the amount of 2,400,000 euros for her main house located in Paris and 1,500,000 euros for a house located in Île-et-Vilaine, a reduction of about half the total value of these two properties.”stresses the authority in a press release.

sequel after announcement

According to press reports, this estate is located on Place de l’Alma (Paris-16e) and in dinars. However, HATVP adds:

Early in 2021, Madame Caillou is alerted to the severe underestimation of her principal residence and the risks she incurs if repeated. […] She also sold the same property to the same address for a much higher price per square meter than the advertised price. In fact, she couldn’t ignore the true value of it. »


Possible defects “to describe the crime of misrepresentation in the valuation of assets” Based on “constitutes the crime of tax evasion”He asserts the power which thus seized the prosecutor.

Caroline Cailloux will have to submit within two months a declaration of interests and a declaration of financial position at the end of the term of office, which will be published after verification by the higher authority. Declarations of interests and assets for other members of the government will be posted Thursday on the HATVP website.

Secretary Caroline Cailloux’s resignation: the fault of an undervalued luxury building in the 16th arrondissement?

Caroline Cailloux indicated that she had decided to quit “So as not to interfere with the work of the government.”. His responsibilities were taken on by his colleague in charge of rural affairs, Dominic Faure.

Former Personality of RPR, UMP and then LR, Caroline Cayeux, represented according to her words in “social right”has been the subject of controversy since its arrival in government at the beginning of July, due to remarks dating back to 2013. It then qualified marriage for all and adoption for same-sex couples, such as “Fix whim and design that goes against nature”.

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