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Accusing the companion of Minister Agnes Panier-Ronacher of pressuring the transitional Ministry of Energy

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Formally, he has no weight in the Ministry of Energy Transition. Unofficially, however, Nicolas Paez, companion of Minister Agnes Panier-Ronacher, will multiply the interventions there. According to a Mediapart survey, published on Wednesday, November 30, many employees are under stress or have to respond to her orders. While he holds neither a title nor a job, the former Socialist MP has, according to investigative media, meddled several times in the internal affairs of his partner’s ministry.

Agnès Pannier-Runacher, the weak minister at Macron’s heart

A situation that will not be new. I received messages at all hours of the day and night.attests a former member of the Cabinet of Industry, who was under the impression that he was there “fell into a vice” between Agnès Pannier-Runacher and her companion. In May 2020, during the formalization of his relationship with Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Nicolas Baez had to leave his position as chief of staff of the then industrial company.

sequel after announcement

inappropriate behaviour

Nicholas Baez did not wish to comment for this information to Mediapart. His lawyer, Mr. A.e Olivier Bellucci, let us know that he is “categorically opposes all such assertions, allegations and assumptions”.

For its part, the entourage of Agnes Bagnier Ronacher announced to the newspaper that the Minister of Energy Transition “Always keen to respect all laws, regulations and ethical principles that are indispensable for the exercise of the public responsibilities entrusted to him.”. before adding it“It will not accept the publication or dissemination of false, offensive or defamatory information that questions its honor and integrity or violates its privacy, and will take appropriate action, including judicial action.”

Mediapart also revealed that apart from the problems of political interference, many former parliamentary collaborators denounce inappropriate behavior or gestures, under the guise of joking. One of the witnesses cited speaks with his hand on his buttocks.

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