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The G7 states that Russian strikes on power plants are a war crime

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Germany, which holds the presidency of the Group of Seven major industrialized nations, described Tuesday, November 29, as “war crime” destruction “systematic” Energy infrastructure committed by Russia in Ukraine and called for no impunity.

Current targeted attacks on power supply and heating “To keep people in their flats for the winter when temperatures drop to -30°C” We are ‘A horrific war crime’German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said after a meeting with his G7 counterparts.

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Ukraine: Winter of all dangers

Promote current events in Ukraine “Our responsibility to cooperate more closely in combating war crimes”The minister added that this was the reason for this meeting, which is the first of its kind, according to him, among justice ministers from the G7 countries.

“This is a clear message to the world: war criminals should not and cannot feel safe wherever they are.”he insisted. No war crime should go unpunished.defeated the German official, whose country presides over the Group of Seven until the end of this year.

50,000 alleged war crimes

For his part, Ukrainian Attorney General Andrei Kostin, who called this meeting, reiterated the call of Ukrainian officials who want to establish a special court to try crimes committed by Russia since its invasion of Ukraine more than nine months ago. Marko Buschmann recalls that the Ukrainian authorities have so far listed about 50,000 cases of alleged war crimes.

‘The more intense the conflict, the greater the risk that Putin will find himself isolated in his attempt to escalate’: In Moscow, the Kremlin’s undermining union

France made similar statements recently after massive Russian strikes against energy infrastructure last week in several major cities, including the capital Kyiv.

French President Emmanuel Macron had appreciated on Twitter that “Any strike against civilian infrastructure constitutes a war crime and cannot go unpunished.” The term war crimes was also used by the European Union and the United Nations in October after similar strikes.

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