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Terminal calls to return the mask to the transport

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Elizabeth Bourne was launched on Tuesday, November 29 “formal appeal” Respect the barrier gestures in the face “new wave” of the Covid-19 pandemic “kill again”and punish them “obscurantism” Some elected officials on vaccines.

“I am making a solemn plea: Let’s respect barrier gestures, and wear a mask as soon as we are with vulnerable people or in crowded areas such as public transport. It’s the little things that save lives.”The Prime Minister said during the questions session of the government in the National Assembly. “This new wave reminds us that the virus has not gone away, the epidemic strikes again, and it kills again.”she added.

sequel after announcement

How Covid put us in Trans

About “extra pressure” In hospitals already dealing with epidemics of influenza and bronchiolitis, she has advocated vaccination for influenza and covid. “Get vaccinated, it protects you, and it protects the hospital”she insisted.

“choose a flag”

Work greeting “exceptional” Nursing staff, Elizabeth Bourne appreciated it “Our duty is to help them, not to take purely ideological measures that will make their task more difficult.”. Many opposition groups are calling for the reinstatement of caregivers who have not been vaccinated against Covid, a topic that sparked heated debates last week in the assembly.

“I suppose I refuse to put political maneuvers on a flag.” Based on Not supporting purely demagogic measuresshe added.

The Covid epidemic is increasing again in France

scathing remarks ‘Vaccine scare’ whose “Some Borders on Obscurantism”The Prime Minister said it “I never thought, on this bicycle, in the country of Basseterre, that saying we trust the word of our scientists and the efficacy of our vaccines would lead to such heated discussions”. “But your yelling won’t make us back down, we’ll suppose, we’ll always choose responsibility.” And the ” Sciences “she pleaded.

sequel after announcement

The return of covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic, which experienced a brief lull in France after a wave in early autumn, is beginning to re-emerge.

On Friday, 48,629 new cases were recorded, compared to 33,177 new cases on the previous Friday, an increase of 46%.

Elizabeth Bourne reported an increase in “Approximately 10% of hospitalizations over the course of a week” And 22% of those “in intensive care”and 400 deaths last week.

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