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Biden, New Orleans … What will Emmanuel Macron do for 3 days in the United States?

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Emmanuel Macron heads to Washington on Tuesday, November 29 for three days, on the first state visit organized by Joe Biden. Thus, he becomes the first French president to hold this position “honor” To be offered two state visits to the United States. The first was conducted in April 2018 at the invitation of Republican Donald Trump.

Midterm Elections: Joe Biden, Survivor

It is an exceptional visit in nature because it is the first state visit organized by the Biden administration. It is therefore very important for the friendship between France and the United States.and estimated at the Elysee.

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But this visit will also be an opportunity for the French head of state to advance his diplomatic appeal over the war in Ukraine and raise his voice against the inflationary law. Biden, who promises generous subsidies for electric cars, batteries and renewable energies produced in the United States

Tuesday evening: the arrival of the French President and his accompanying delegation

On Tuesday evening, the French President will arrive in the United States.

He will be accompanied by a delegation composed of personalities such as astronauts Thomas Pesquet and Sophie Adinot, astrophysicist Fatoumata Kebbi, CNES Director Philippe Baptiste, choreographer Benjamin Millepied and Claude Lelouch, entrepreneur Xavier Niel, CEO of LVMH Bernard Arnault, as well as CEO of TotalEnergies Patrick Pouyanne.

Wednesday: Meeting with Kamala Harris and Tribute at Arlington Cemetery

The French President will meet Vice President Kamala Harris in the morning, before taking part in a lunch with elected representatives in Congress. On the list: Discussions about climate and biodiversity.

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Kamala Harris, Senior Vice President in History

The era of the president will begin with the laying of a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery, one of the most famous military shrines in the United States. A tribute will then be given to the American colonial-settled French architect Pierre-Charles L’Enfant who laid out the plans for Washington D.C. at the end of the 18th century.

The Head of State’s Day will conclude with a reception with the French community, followed by a dinner with the Bidens.

Thursday: White House welcome party and dance party

The second day of Emmanuel Macron’s visit opened with great fanfare at the White House, where the French president will be officially welcomed. The national anthem, cannon shots, introduction of delegations, an interview with his American counterpart and a joint press conference will be on the program of the welcome ceremony.

Why (obviously) Biden and Macron would patch things up

After that, Emmanuel Macron will have lunch with Kamala Harris and Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken, with whom he will discuss, among other things, the Ukrainian crisis. The French President then meets the elected members of Congress in a framework “bicameral” with the French parliamentarians.

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Emmanuel Macron’s last evening in the Americas will be hosted by Grammy Award-winning jazz bandleader Jean-Baptiste.

Friday: Visit New Orleans

On the last day of his visit to the United States, Emmanuel Macron will travel to Louisiana and New Orleans, a former French colony. The French President should announce the creation of a fund for learning French culture, participating in exchanges on culture, sports and city walks.

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