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Beyond the Boys Club: Charlotte Wessels

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Beyond the Boys’ Club is a monthly column from journalist and radio presenter Ann Erickson, focusing on women in heavy music genres, offering their perspectives on the music industry and discussing their personal experiences. Erickson is also a music artist and has a new EP and single, “Last Love” with Upon Wings. The latest edition of Beyond the Boys’ Club includes an interview with Charlotte Wessels.

Many metal fans knew and followed Charlotte Wessels during her tenure as the lead singer of the popular Dutch symphonic metal band Delain.

Wessels and Delain split up in 2021, and now she’s embarking on a journey into solo music. her latest solo album, Tales from Six Feet Under Volume Twoarrived in October, featuring an extended genre repertoire of rock, pop and metal, all of which were produced, performed and programmed at his studio Six Feet Under.


for Serious consequencesThe latest release from “Beyond the Boys’ Club,” Wessels chatted with us about the new album, the challenges of being a woman in metal, advice for up-and-coming musicians, and much more.

Congratulations on your new album, Tales from Six Feet Under Volume Two. This record features a diverse mix of genres. Musically, what is your vision for this record?

I think this recording was similar to the previous one, Volume One, in that it’s a collection of songs that I put on my Patreon. The way I work is I sit down every month and put a song out there, so every month I start from scratch, which is very refreshing. Because of this, I don’t think about how each song will fit into a larger project. I’m just making a song.


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