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He discussed an “anti-squatting” bill, which was harshly criticized in the National Assembly

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Last weekend, the National Assembly began, on Monday, November 28, to study a sensitive anti-squatting bill, which could be adopted with the votes of the deputies of the Republic (LR) and the National Assembly (). RN).), despite the opposition of the left-wing associations.

The text, carried by the “Ennahda and Al-Afaq” groups with a presidential majority, proposes to triple the penalties for squatters, up to 3 years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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Yes, we can eradicate poverty!

At the moment, the random person risks imprisonment for a year and a fine of 15,000 euros. But the owner who changes the lock risks three years and 45,000 euros.says text rapporteur Guillaume Casparian, who is also chairman of the Committee on Economic Affairs at the Palais Bourbon.

Extension of the rapid evacuation procedures

The Eure-et-Loir deputy was not on his first try: he passed provisions against squatting in 2020 with a bill, but some of the measures have been censored by the Constitutional Council that deemed them legislative knights.

In contrast, his bill stipulates the same punishment for someone who pretends to be a property owner in order to rent a property. It states that the offense of entering a home also relates to second homes and extends express eviction procedures, without recourse to a judge, to unfurnished dwellings.

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The provision also reduces the duration of legal proceedings and states that certain time limits that a judge may grant are now only possible if the tenant applies himself. “Clear Attack on the Expulsion Judge’s Office” For the left who feared the lack of refuge for their tenants.

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The bill also wants to relieve landlords in the face of unpaid bills, and again plans to shorten procedural deadlines.

“homeless factory”

In the absence of an absolute majority, the presidential camp must resort to its right to vote on the text. We have been making proposals in this direction for a long time.Rep. Annie Ginevard (L-R) confirms. In committee, an amendment was passed to “Semi-squatting with a trip”act “Necessary” which it hopes to expand to cases of occupancy of buildings for economic use. “The National Rally Group approves of this law”He was announced on the committee by his deputy, Geraldine Granger.

As for the government, if it supports the text, it can still influence the session to balance it. This text should be suitable for sharing things. We must not react in the same way against tenants, especially those kept by landlords in slums, as against tenants who do not receive a wage.He had warned in early November Housing Minister Olivier Klein.

In France, there are more people between the ages of 18 and 24 who are poor than in many European countries.

Rebel MPs, communists and environmentalists are awake, even if some far-left MPs support amendments to strong measures abroad. “This law is a homeless factory.”condemns MP LFI Danielle Simonnet, whose group intends to file a refusal motion before the text.

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His colleague François Bikmal criticized a bill in committee “news”in the view of some “170” The deportation procedures were completed in the year 2021 mentioned by Guillaume Casparian. “If we had this kind of thinking, we wouldn’t have done anything against the sleep merchants, who are also in the minority.”replied the latter.

“misproportionate text”

The Ministry of Housing had estimated this in 2021 Squatting is not a widespread phenomenon in France.. It is a particularly dangerous law […] Who wants to criminalize unpaid rent?also denounces the ecologist Aurélien Taché, asserting that some judgments would have led to “criminalize acts” From the Black Thursday collection. this “Disproportionate text for the difficulty some owners have”Thinks of his socialist side Gérard Lysol.

No runoff occurred. It’s time to work!

The Droit au Logement (DAL) held a rally on Sunday against the text “Squatters are delinquents and they are looking for shelter.”. “This provision will permit the eviction within 48 hours, without a judge, of squatters occupying vacant accommodation.”Concerns by Manuel Domergue, of the Abbey Pierre Foundation. Atak denounced A “Antisocial Law” World Health Organization “criminalizes the unstable”.

Discussions are expected to begin Monday evening and continue through the middle of the week, with nearly 200 amendments to the list.

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