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Valls has to pay €277,000 for Barcelona campaign financing violations

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The Independent indicated that Manuel Valls was ordered to pay 277,000 euros after a decision by the Spanish Court of Auditors regarding financing his campaign for the Barcelona municipal elections in 2019. It is reported that the former prime minister, who retired from political life, funded his campaign irregularly by accepting payments from parties Third, which is prohibited by the law on the financing of political parties in Spain, reports the regional daily.

According to Nacio Digital who reported the case, “A large group of businessmen and members of the Catalan upper class from Barcelona and Madrid have bet on Valls.”. Among them, Naturhouse President Felix Revuelta; Josep Ramon Bosch, former president of the Societat Civil Catalana; Chairman of the insurance company DKV Javier Vega de Seoane and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Blackstone. The Barcelona Capital Europea Association had billed the sums, with which Manuel Valls ran for mayor of Barcelona.

sequel after announcement

An offense deemed “extremely serious”

Citing Nacio Digital, “L’Indépendant” indicates that Manuel Valls has not appealed his sentence. “The court considered the offense ‘extremely serious’, justifying this fine of €251,698 to which was added another fine of €25,000 for exceeding the maximum expenditure on outdoor advertising.”is emphasized.

The former Socialist Party heavyweight who left French politics four years ago to try in vain in 2019 to win the town hall of Barcelona, ​​his hometown – he came fourth with 13.20% of the vote – has again tried his chance at the polls in June’s legislative elections. It was another failure, as he was eliminated in the first round.

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