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Twitter is blocking left-wing accounts or reporting a massive data leak

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Two weights, two measures? After Donald Trump’s account was reinstated, Elon Musk announced that he will reopen banned Twitter accounts next week. Provided they do not break the law.. But at the same time, other accounts are being banned, many users point out, who share their opposition to the far right.

No doubt it was shut down because a slew of conflicting accounts were reported (with Twitter’s moderation teams decimated by mass layoffs in recent weeks, the blunders wouldn’t be surprising), the account VPS-Reports For example, Vishal Pratap Singh, an American freelance journalist and documentary filmmaker, has alleged that Antifa works in the field of extremism, civil rights, and the far right.

sequel after announcement

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Behind this and other bans, an ongoing far-right campaign was observed on Twitter, aimed at reporting and banning 5,000 accounts deemed antifa or closed.

According to the netizen who Report hereAmong the accounts attacked by this campaign, there are even accounts from the FBI or the government, or even the online investigative NGO Bellingcat.

another account that was just banned, the one From Chad Lauder, a cybersecurity expert who is also an anti-fascist activist. In his case, his suspension may have been for another reason: Lauder had just denounced the seriousness of a massive data leak (5.4 million Twitter accounts would have been affected) in 2021, with the disclosure of phone numbers and email addresses, it could have been reduced by the social network. .

They denounced the data leak: their accounts were suspended

However, the compromised data — thanks to a vulnerability in Function “Allowing people with your phone number to find you on Twitter,” a flaw that was discovered and then fixed in January 2022 — was widely circulated and reportedly offered by several dark web sellers for around $5,000, the site reports. : This data includes Twitter users in the United Kingdom, almost all countries in the European Union, and part of the United States. »

Twitter’s former security chief accuses the social network of hiding flaws and lying about fake accounts

It appears to have been collected by several malicious entities, not just one as Twitter has suggested. And like Chad Lauder’s account, the accounts of others who reported the extent of this leak have been suspended in recent days. Between false reports of right-wing extremists in groups and “home censorship” by Twitter’s new version of Musk, we’re at a loss to choose the reasons for these suspensions.

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