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Marine Tondelaere is on track to take the helm of Europe’s Ecologie-les Verts

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Members of Europe Ecologie-les Verts largely put Northerner Marine Tondelaer ahead on Saturday evening, after the first stage of voting to appoint, among six contenders, the future leader of a still-divided party. He can hardly be heard.

According to the partial results reported by the administration, the opposition member elected in Hénin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais), which was considered the favorite and who was notably supported by former National Secretary Julien Bayou, received 46 97% of the votes of the members collected based on its movement ” the following “.

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The final result and the number of voters among the party’s 11,000 members will be announced on Sunday.

“Never before has an environmental conference presented such a clear direction in light of the gap separating La Suite from other lists. It is a historic finding.”Marin Tondelaer welcomed in a press release, promising “charitable movement”.

His rival, Sophie Bossière, supported in particular by Yannick Gadot, came in second with 18.07% of the vote.

Melissa Camara, the candidate who defends “a form of extremism and rupture”, With the support of the environmental feminist deputy Sandrine Russo and part of the left wing of the party, they received 13.54%, which is the result ” disappointing “About Alain Colombel, leader of the left of the party.

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Sandrine Rousseau failed

This choice to put two more realistic than radical candidates ahead marks a failure for Rep. Sandrine Russo, who recently accused former presidential candidate Yannick Gadot of getting off the ground. “anti-environment”.

Tondelaire has been repeatedly denounced by the Navy “buzz” And the “Twittering” From political life, in an undisguised treatment of Sandrine Rousseau. Which made Melissa Kamara say so I get the impression with my friends that it’s “everything but Rousseau”.

Sandrine Rousseau, Radicalism in Tune with the Times

Three other candidates, with more discreet proposals, each get less than 10%: former Brittany regional candidate Claire Desmarais Poirier (9.6%), election chief Helen Hardy (6.59%), and executive board member Geraldine Boyer (4.34%).

Members also elected members of the party’s future Federal Council (the party’s parliament) and the 400 delegates who will formally appoint the new national secretary during the term “federal conference” It is scheduled for December 10 in Rungis (Val-de-Marne).

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upcoming alliances

But in order to be free to run the party, you must have 60% of the seats in the Federal Council, which should force Marine Tondeleire to form alliances with other lists in the next 15 days.

The question is not whether Marine Tondeleire will be the national secretary. she will be. But the question is whether he will be able to make the expansion to get the majority.” The power to judge, analyzes and traffic connoisseur.

After 4.6% of the environmental candidate for the presidential election, Yannick Gadot, who failed to assert himself when the environmental issue became a priority, the new leader will first have to restore hope to his forces.

It will also have to reconcile a party marked by internal conflicts and destabilizing it ” the case “ Julien Bayou, is weakened by accusations of psychological violence against a former companion, which he disputes.

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The party’s resort

The candidates all had what they wanted “particle” The party especially towards the countryside and working-class neighborhoods.

Thus wishes Navy Tondelier “Bring together a million environmental sympathizers by the end of this term.”.

She also wants “re-found” party ”, by adjusting its internal rules, is often considered to be complex and not conducive to the seizure of power.

The Tondelier Navy is particularly promised “From the month of January, throughout France, the States General of the Environment”.

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But the candidates disagreed about the attitude towards the Nupes left party and its relationship to radicalism.

Naval Tondeliers such as Sophie Bussière distance themselves from Nupes, deeming it necessary to first work on “Big New Party in Ecology”and to demand an independent list of Europeans.

But Sophie Bossière tried to stand out by criticizing the outgoing administration – and thus Marine Tondelaere – which “He did not fulfill his promises of partisan transformations.”from her point of view.

On the contrary, Melissa Camara defends Nupes, as it should be EELV, she says The driving force of the left. In Europe 2024, she called for not closing the door to the Joint List.

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