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Emmanuel Macron wants to develop the RER “in ten French cities”

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On Sunday, November 27, President Emmanuel Macron announced his goal to develop daily RER rail transport in ten French cities in order to promote an ecological transition. Public transportation is an alternative to private transportation.He stressed the re-launch of night trains and the securing or reopening of 9,000 km of “small train lines”.

“To achieve our environmental ambition, I want us to have a great national ambition: in ten large cities, in ten French cities, to develop the RER, a network of urban trains”explained in a sequence posted on YouTube, where he answers netizens’ questions about the environment.

sequel after announcement

The Rapid Regional Network (RER) is a dense network of regional trains operating in Ile-de-France at a high rate. It has expanded steadily since the 1960’s.

Elizabeth Bourne is in charge of these major works

“In the ten major French cities, where there is blood coagulation, where there is a lot of traffic, and where travel is complicated, we must have a real urban transport strategy, and this is a great goal of ‘environment, economy and quality of life'”, Emmanuel Macron said.

“RER is not only in Paris”We appealed this evening, Sunday, in the presidential delegation, to confirm a draft “Ensure that in the currently overcrowded major French cities, people with commuter flights can do so without a car, by decarbonizing their travels thanks to urban RERs”.

Should we flee the big cities?

The same source indicated that Prime Minister Elizabeth Born – the former head of the RATP – will be responsible for carrying out these major works, and during “Projects are starting to appear in the regions”.

for the Elysee, “It’s about acceleration and prioritization in 10 cities”promising a “Awesome planning job”.

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