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Two of the candidates for first secretary will face off against Olivier Faure at the next Socialist Party congress

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Two candidates, the mayor of Rouen Nicolas Meyer Rossignol and the mayor of Volks-en-Villelines Hélène Joffroy, will confront Olivier Faure at the next Socialist Party congress in January to try to steal the position of first secretary from him, it has been said. I learned during the national council on Saturday.

The first round of voting for Socialist members will take place on January 12, and a second vote will be decided among the remaining candidates on January 19, prior to the 25th Congress in Marseille.

sequel after announcement

Nicholas Meyer Rossignol provided a directive text, “Re-establish”with the support of relatives of the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and the President of the Occitani region, Karol Delga, who wants to be “Third Way” between the outgoing leadership and supporters of former President François Hollande.

“We are the only modernity (…) the only way capable of uniting all socialists”He said.

Call “PS Undiluted in Convention, But Left Drive”asserting that the left-wing Nupes alliance was concluded with Insoumis, environmentalists, and communists “It is neither too much insult nor too much honor. This political framework is useful, but not sufficient or sustainable to win.”.

Stephane Le Foll: “Why was my leftist killed?”

Helen Geoffroy, with support from “elephants” From the PS, like Le Mans mayor Stéphane Le Foll, he deposited his text “Re-established, collected and governed”.

sequel after announcement

Who denounced four years ago “erase” From the party, she promised that she would suspend the Socialist Party’s participation in the Nubians, and would return all suspended Socialists, if she won.

Olivier Faure in favor of continuing Nupes

Olivier Faure, who defends the text “for profit”constantly demanded Nupes. How do we build up the left and the environment if we decide to leave the only place where the left speaks to each other? »Asked.

for him, “The reason we are heard better is because we have said we are unfailingly left.”but This does not mean that we share everything that is said on the left.denying any loss of independence since the agreement with LFI.

In the face of Nicola Mayer Rossignol, he admitted it ‘The differences were more subtle’ And he asked: “Where We Are, When We’re Neither Nupes nor Nupes”He invites him to clarify his position: “With whom are you ready to synthesize? I am ready to synthesize with you ».

Seven public contributions were made during the National Council meeting at the beginning of November, but only three guiding texts were submitted. The authors of the other four contributions decided to join Olivier Faure.

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