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Rosie rounds up the misfits and finds them fit

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“Love is what makes a family. So says one of the characters pinkThe sweet but slightly understated story of a group of hilarious misfits who find love and, yes, family on the streets of Montreal circa 1984.

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The main flaw is Frédérique – unique to her friends – a dedicated but not very successful artist who is just trying to scrape together enough money to keep the landlord away. But her life suddenly becomes complicated when her adoptive sister dies and social services hand over Rosie, the niece she didn’t know she had.

Rosie, played by newcomer Kerris Hope Hill, is a young girl so cut off from her culture that she doesn’t even know she’s Hindi (a language in the 1980s). But Fred does not have time to tell her that she is looking for work while using anyone, including the local employee, as an impromptu nanny.

Melanie Bray plays Fred, reprising the role she played in writer/director Jill Morris’ 2018 film of the same name, only 16 minutes long, and the long version feels a bit stretched. Fortunately, the chemistry between Fred and Rosie makes things work.

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Fred’s friends Mo and Flo (Alex Trahan, Constant Bernard), two transvestite workers, also help out; Mo is the culmination of love and family. They swear freely in French at Rosie, who only speaks English. Later, we get some yelling at the language pot, as a resident of the street (Brandon Oakes) suggests that Rosie take free language lessons at the local friendship center.

It’s an exhilarating story, bolstered by a bouncy soundtrack that includes yet another use of soldiers Raise hell a little In this year’s Canadian film, Yet Another aggressor and the Drink water. Morris, also a First Nations man, finds a way to finish everything cleanly, and the gentle atmosphere of the film is best kept intact.

3 out of 5 stars

For the full schedule and to purchase tickets, visit sudburyindiecinema.com.

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