Home News In Spain, feminism has been at the forefront of the political scene

In Spain, feminism has been at the forefront of the political scene

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After bringing anti-abortion activism to prison terms and establishing a commitment to explicit consent in sexual relations, Spain is divided over a law to facilitate gender transitions from the age of 16, without evidence. For nearly twenty years, Madrid has been a European model in terms of policies on gender issues and the fight against violence against women.

Researcher in the sociology of gender and the politics of equality in the Iberian world at the National Center for Scientific Research Gloria Casas Villa OPS decodes the successful application of this feminist legal framework.

How did the legal framework on violence against women develop in Spain?

Gloria Casas Villa In 2004, the “framework law” used the term gender violence for the first time. Spain deals with the idea of ​​violence within the family or domestic violence and sees that this violence is explained by the dominance relationship between men and women, through the creation of a specific crime. The Spanish Penal Code severely punishes men’s violence against women, as it is a manifestation of the systems of inequality and discrimination suffered by women.

“Spain, the man of tomorrow”, Men’s School

The adoption of this “Framework Law” in 2004 is the result of long-term work, with a very strong struggle, that feminists have carried out for years, without complacency. This law sparked a lot of controversy

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