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The Death of Ivan Colonna: Voice of a Parliamentary Inquiry

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The Legal Committee of the National Assembly unanimously gave the go-ahead on Wednesday, November 23, to set up a commission of inquiry into the deadly March attack on Yvan Colonna, who is being held in Arles prison.

At Ivan Colonna’s funeral: ‘We don’t come to mourn a murderer, we come to mourn an activist’

Established on the initiative of the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Jean-Félix Acquaviva (Leot), the investigative commission will have to examine the conditions of detention of the alleged killer, Frank Elong Abe, but cannot Not conducting its investigations into matters that fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the judicial authority.Caroline Abadie (Renaissance), rapporteur of the text of the committee’s establishment, cautioned.

sequel after announcement

On March 2, Ivan Colonna, a Corsican independence activist who was serving a life sentence in Arles prison (Bouchets-du-Rhône) for the assassination of Prefect Claude Erignac, was violently attacked in the gym by Frank Elong Abe, 36. – A one-year-old man who has served several sentences, including nine years in prison “Terrorist Association of Criminals”. He died of his injuries after three weeks in a coma.

Does Corsica have the means to be independent?

The centrist group Liot exercised its drawing rights to launch this Commission of Inquiry, submitting a resolution on the part of Haute-Corse deputy Jean-Félix Acquaviva. It intends to highlight “the conditions under which” suspected killer “He benefited from classification in ordinary detention (…) and was not subject to the stages of detection of extremism in prison.”. She also wants A study of the upbringing and conditions in which the status of a prisoner with special signs was maintained. by Evan Colonna.


What is at stake is the island community’s thirst for justice and truth.Jean-Félix Acquaviva argued, believing that hearings at the assembly had revealed “contradictions”In particular “assessment of extremism” of the alleged killer.

This committee, which will consist of a maximum of thirty deputies after the proportional representation of the groups in the Assembly, will carry out its work within a maximum of six months. Liot Group hopes to get down to business “December or January at the latest”.

“I hope it will make it possible to make significant progress towards demanding truth and justice.”in reply to AFP Gilles Simeone, Independent President of the Executive Council of Corsica. “We are now waiting for all the light to shed light on the circumstances of this assassination.”announced the independent president of the Corsican Assembly Marie-Antoinette Maupertice.

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