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Rape complaint against Donald Trump revived in New York

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American journalist E. Jean Carroll, who accused Donald Trump of raping her in the 1990s, relaunched a civil lawsuit Thursday, November 24, against the former US president, thanks to a new New York law that protects victims of sexual assault.

A dual lawsuit for alleged rape and defamation E. Jean Carroll, 78, has been filed against Donald Trump, 76, in federal civil court in Manhattan since 2019, and both gave their sworn testimony in October before a New York judge.

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In defamation proceedings, E.J. Carroll, a writer and former columnist for “Elle” magazine, sued Donald Trump in civil actions in November 2019. She accused him of defaming her for calling her a “a complete lie”In June 2019, his allegations of rape in the dressing room of a New York department store in 1995 or 1996 were revealed.

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The Republican president at the time (2017-2021) responded that he had never met her and that she had not been “not his type”. His lawyers have long claimed that he was protected in 2019 by his immunity as head of state.

As for the rape accusations, E. Jean Carroll was unable to file a formal complaint in 2019 since the alleged facts were established.

However, on November 24, a new law in New York State (the “Adult Survivors Act”) went into effect allowing victims of sexual assault, for one year, to reinstate their old potential grievances and demand a civil trial.

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So, the law firm of E.Jan Carroll, Kaplan Hecker and Fink, and the Manhattan federal judiciary released several court documents Thursday accusing Donald Trump in particular of crimes. “rape” and to demand a civil trial in 2023 to obtain damages.

In the introduction to the complaint, which is now admissible and which relates to all facts, Donald Trump is charged About 27 years ago […] In Bergdorf Goodman’s luxury store on Fifth Avenue in New York (from) the seizure of E. Jane Carroll, he hit her with the shoulder, pinned her to the wall of the dressing room with his shoulder, and raped her”.

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The complainant remained silent for more than 20 years before telling her story in a book at the end of 2010 in favor of the #MeToo movement launched in 2017 against violence against women.

“While I respect and appreciate the people speaking out, this case unfortunately constitutes a deviation from the objective of the law that creates a dangerous precedent and risks delegitimizing the words of the real victims,” On Thursday, Alina Heba, Donald Trump’s lawyer, responded to AFP in the case.

Last October, the former president fired on the charges “deception and lies”.

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