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Portrait of Clement Bonn, a minister who sets his sights on the Town Hall in Paris

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The table was set in the garden of the Ministry of Labor. At the beginning of July, Clement Bonn, who had just been elected vice-president of Paris for the first time, planned to share a dinner with two of his comrades in the government. Within the grounds of the Hôtel du Châtelet, away from prying eyes, the new Minister of Transport finds the host of the evening, Olivier Dussopt, and Olivier Véran.

Same generation, same socialist origins and same aspiration to embody the left wing of the majority: the three thinkers discuss themes of the moment before delving into some speculation about the future. How do we walk together until 2027? In which joint group can proceed? Was the issue of personal ambitions also on the dinner menu?

Anyway, a few weeks later, one of the two Oliviers present during these political feasts slipped into l’Obs to be stunned by the news. Ambitionse Clement. I wonder, half bewildered and half treacherous: But does Beaune realize her limitations? »

“It seems that he fancies himself the president of the republic.”

For weeks, Macroni speculated regularly about the ambitions of the man who had long been the consensual and likable “Mr. Europe” of the head of state. What is he really looking for? What’s he playing in, this well-dressed, diabolical network official, member of a highly eclectic intellectual group of decision-makers Le Siècle, who’s just passed out from the Ministry of Transport

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