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MPs prepare amid debate on reintegrating unvaccinated carers

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The day dedicated to the LFI group at the Assembly foundered on the evening of Thursday 24 November, as the opposition lashed out maneuvers of the presidential camp to prevent a sensitive vote on reinstating unvaccinated caregivers.

“You will be silent!”Guadeloupe deputy Olivier Cerva (LIOT group) let out a fury at the rhetoric of Renaissance deputies who challenged him during his speech, while the candidate-elect denounced the techniques used to slow down debates.

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“You use petty tricks, like your ideals, you discredit democracy with your weakness, you are a minority, accept it”stormed.

Haute Autorité de Santé opposes the reintegration of unvaccinated carers

“You should be ashamed!”also dropped on the address of Olivier Marlix, leader of the LR group, whose deputies favor the LFI text, just like the RN group.

“Ultramarines feel offended”

With requests to suspend sessions, recall the regulations and submit amendments hastily, the presidential camp conceded to holding a vote on the text under discussion, which the opposition seemed able to adopt, against the advice of the government. .

This is an LFI bill requiring the reinstatement of employees who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 in health and emergency institutions, to make up for staffing shortages.

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The Academy of Medicine strongly opposes reintegrating unvaccinated caregivers

During the adjournment sessions, loud voices among the deputies could be heard in the halls of the assembly. “Ultramarines feel insulted and despised by the government and the deputies of the presidential majority”one Nupes member explained, noting that he attended the exchanges “so nervous”.

“It’s getting late and gangs are increasing.”The moderator launched Naama Mucho (Horizons). I ask that provocations that lead to responses be avoided, and at this late hour come the quickest. »

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