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Macron says he does not believe he is at the ‘heart of the investigation’

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President Emmanuel Macron confirmed on Friday, November 25, that he believed he did not participate in the conference “the heart of the investigation” Office of the National Financial Prosecutor on the Interference of Consulting Firms in the 2017 and 2022 Election Campaigns, Arbitration “It is natural for justice to do its job”.

“I fear nothing and […] I think the heart of the investigation is not your servant.”The president told reporters, on the sidelines of a trip to Dijon. « J’ai appris comme vous par la presse qu’il y avait des associations et des élus qui avaient decidé de saisir la justice, c’est normal que la justice fasse son travail, elle le fait librement, elle va faire justement la luminaire about this subject “he added.

sequel after announcement

Over the summer, the state signs a new contract with McKinsey

“My 2017 campaign accounts, already sent to all proceedings, to the judge, validated by the procedures our laws (and) 2022 laws are on the way as all candidates”Emmanuel Macron went on to say he wished “Let all light and transparency shine”.

These private companies, some of whose employees worked on a voluntary basis during his election campaign, were they subsequently subjected to favoritism in awarding public contracts? “So I tell you no.”Decided by the head of state who confirms It’s been explained hundreds of times before. He faces accusations from the opposition during the last presidential campaign.

Nobody wrote to me.

He indicated that he learned from the press that two judicial investigations had been opened, one of which was for nepotism Regarding the intervention of consulting firms in the 2017 and 2022 election campaigns: “No one wrote to me, no one called me.”

“At Mackenzie, we are as bad as pigs, babies!”: When Macron leaves

“In that case, I can tell you what the President of the Republic does and what the President of the Republic does not do: he will not enjoy the award of this or that contract.”he added.

sequel after announcement

As noted “In the presidential campaign, there are women and men, and there are some journalists, and there are those who work as judges, and there are those who work in consulting companies, and there are those who work in the civil service, who are committed, and give time in their spare time, it has always been like this”.

Eliane Essential: “A large number of McKinsey’s assignments have not led to a satisfactory result”

The National Fiscal Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday that it opened two litigation investigations at the end of October: one specifically targeting a chief who “reduced the accounting elements of a campaign account.” The other relates to the possibility of “nepotism and the concealment of nepotism”.

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