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For Fauer, Bergé, and Russo, the return of the Kwantenen to the Assembly has become “impossible.”

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PS Olivier Faure’s First Secretary ruled this Wednesday, November 23, that any return to the National Assembly of LFI deputy Adrien Quatennens, implicated in accusations of physical and mental violence, was “No longer possible”.

La France feminists faced the return of the Quatennens

“I have read Celine Koatennes’ press release. It is our duty to say that we welcome and believe his word.”writes the socialist in a tweet. “Our responsibility is to conclude that the return of Adrien Quatennens to our seats is now impossible.”

sequel after announcement

Opinion shared by Sandrine Rousseau, a member of the LFI party. “Adrien Quatennens can no longer sit in the National Assembly”on Twitter.

For her part, the head of the Ennahda group in the National Assembly, Auror Bergi, denounced the blows that the deputy of the International Federation of the Red Cross directed at his wife in a tweet: “Once, it is already too much. It no longer has its place in the bicycle. «The decision is now up to justice. It cannot be settled by an unobedient court.”Emphasizes.

new charges

Earlier in the day, Celine Koatennes denounced in a statement to Agence France-Presse “anger”follower “crises” and the “physical and psychological violence” practiced since then ” several years “.

“Over the past few years, I have wanted to divorce three times, and each time under pressure I gave way.”The great embarrassment to “France” because of the Adrien Quatennens case

The “tied duck” unveiled the balustrade provided by Céline Coatennes. This condition caused an earthquake in mid-September in La France. Adrian Koatenens quit his job as political coordinator and has not set foot in the association since.

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