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Will the LFI win its daily battles in the association?

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On the agenda of the National Assembly this Thursday, November 24: “parliamentary standing” France Insoumise (LFI), the day when a minority group is allowed to determine the agenda of the National Assembly. An opportunity for the group to impose its themes.

Faced with hundreds of amendments, LFI deputies decided to focus on including the right to abortion in the constitution and banning bullfighting, two proposals that had been discussed but had the best chance of success. Accordingly, Insoumis withdrew the first two texts that appeared on the agenda to maximize their chances of seeing the other proposals put to a vote: the first was a request for “committee of inquiry” On the “Uber Files” and the role of Emmanuel Macron in founding Uber in France, the second proposed to increase Smic’s net worth to 1,600 euros, which is a strong indicator for Insoumis.

sequel after announcement

The great embarrassment to “France” because of the Adrien Quatennens case

Unless there is a new change in the agenda, the following proposals, to reintegrate unvaccinated health workers or create “autonomy allowance” For youngsters in training may also fall by the wayside for lack of time.

Abortion in the Constitution is a common goal

Close examination of a text intended to protect the right to abortion from any fundamental questioning, as it has lately in the United States or elsewhere in Europe, opened at nine in the morning. If the LFI Vice President Mathilde Bannot was furious at a “An undemocratic obstruction” of his opponents “prevent any discussion” on topics “pioneer”Insomes hopes to at least go to the end of the text, despite more than 250 edits.

Why the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution is a “groundbreaking gesture”

The desire to embody the right to abortion in the constitution is already shared by the majority of deputies, including deputies of the presidential camp. Who intends to vote, which is rare, for Insoumis’ text.

Whatever happens Thursday, the LFI is urging the government to introduce its own bill to constitutionalize abortion. The text from the government must also get the two bikes approved, but unlike the parliamentary initiative text, it will not need to be submitted to a referendum at the end of the race. And it is a step that many prefer to avoid, for fear that it will unleash emotions, against the background of the mobilization of anti-abortion networks.

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“Occlusion pure and simple”

Another emotionally charged text will also be discussed later in the day: a proposal for a complete ban on bullfighting, put forward by Emeric Caron. However, his examination remains uncertain because the session ends at midnight.

Abolition of bullfighting: between Emeric Caron and Simon Casas, war has been declared for bullfighting

“If this text is not voted on or vetted, it will be a disgrace to the national representation.”, warns Vice Paris. But ” Fighting “ against bullfighting It will continue the next day. on another initiative “which will interest the French”former journalist promises.

His bill was first defeated in committee on 16 November. On Wednesday, President Emmanuel Macron, during a visit to the salon of the Association of Mayors of France, rejected an immediate ban. He defends “good luck” between “local customs” and the “sensitive” to the animal condition, rather than “insult”.

But can the discussion take place? Despite its unique essay, the text against bullfighting has been covered in more than 500 edits, mainly by RN and Renaissance officials elected from bullfighting districts. “Occlusion pure and simple”condemns LFI.

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