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The City of Paris will file a defamation complaint against Minister Gabriel Attal

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“Lies that harm the reputation and honor of the city of Paris.” The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, announced on Wednesday, November 23, the filing of a complaint against the Minister of Public Accounts, Gabriel Attal, following the statements made by the latter in the morning on France Inter.

Faced with suspicion, Anne Hidalgo is on commando mode

Gabriel Attal denounced during the morning broadcast, a “fake system” Created by Anne Hidalgo in 2015, when François Hollande was President of the Republic. system organization “Ponzi scheme”According to the minister.

sequel after announcement

When I got to the Ministry of Budget, I discovered that there was a system […] called ‘capital rents created by restriction’, said Djibril Attal on the mic of Lea Salameh and Nicolas Demorand. Capital will be allowed to pre-empt housing, and then ask landlords to convert them into social housing, after which the latter will pay “To the city decades of leases coming.” So she is “It can balance its operating budget.”

“Stop spreading fake news”

A few hours after Gabriel Attal’s remarks on the radio, Remy Ferro, head of the Socialist group in the Paris Council, responded on Twitter:

“Equating the budget entry authorized for years by successive budget ministers and Bercy Services with an illegal financial arrangement is deeply dangerous and totally irresponsible.”The cities of Paris and New York in court against Total

Meanwhile, the mayor of the capital indicated on the same social network that a defamation complaint had been filed against the Minister of Public Accounts.

“These lies are more dangerous because they are repeated even though the city has provided the ministry and its services with all the elements that contradict it, on the basis of the information available in its ministerial apparatus.”said the elected official.

After trying to break down the Minister’s argument into seven points, Anne Hidalgo also asks the Prime Minister, Elizabeth Bourne, “Stop spreading this knowingly announced false news until the public debate regains calm and credibility.”.

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