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LFI Rep. Emeric Caron retracts his text, slams ‘obstruction’

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While the bill to abolish bullfighting was to be studied on Thursday, November 24 within the framework of the parliamentary sphere of rebellious France, MP Emeric Caron was finally forced to withdraw its text by denouncing “Obstruction”.

Abolition of bullfighting: between Emeric Caron and Simon Casas, war has been declared for bullfighting

“I have to face the facts, we will not be able to cancel the bullfight today”Sorry, Emeric Caron. What is happening today is not an end, but only a beginning. » Announce a new cross-partisan script is coming. “Bullfighting will soon be abolished in this country, I promise.”

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Earlier, he had been denounced ” Cheese ” From certain deputies who opposed his text, and who decided according to him “to escape discussion” And I have “Everything to pull the vote”. He demanded withdrawal “All Obstacle Adjustments”. “There are still over 480 edits to the study. At a rate of 20 edits per hour, which is 24 hours of discussion,” lamented.

Too many modifications

Aymeric Caron wants to amend the penal code, which punishes animal abuse, but punishes it under Section 521-1. “It does not apply to bullfighting where an uninterrupted local tradition can be relied upon”. In his eyes, a bullfight is a “barbaric”a “immoral pleasure” Where is the animal “massacre”.

But the bill to ban bullfighting had already been rejected for the first time in committee on 16 November. Controversy sometimes rages among advocates of this regional cultural traditions And animal activists pushed past the walls of the National Assembly, with demonstrations for and against bullfighting last weekend in bullfighting cities and in Paris.

Bullfighting, slaughterhouses and circuses… How do politicians deal with the animal issue?

The vote on this bill remained uncertain: on this day dedicated to rebellious texts, the bullfight came after a sensitive proposal on the legalization of abortion, the subject of some 300 amendments. However, discussions must stop at midnight regardless of progress.

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Despite its unique essay, the text against bullfighting has been covered in more than 500 edits, mainly by RN and Renaissance officials elected from bullfighting districts. “Occlusion pure and simple”, has already decried LFI. And a number of amendments that finally forced the deputy to withdraw his text.

Different political camps split

The topic of bullfighting was sometimes divided even within groups in the National Assembly. In the various political camps, the issue is embarrassing and the freedom to vote is intact.

On the presidential side, before becoming head of the Renaissance group, Aurore Bergé signed a platform to ban bullfighting. But another CEO was against the wind: Jean-René Cazeneuve, elected from Gers, the land of bullfighting. After the bullfight, it will be foie gras, roast, snails, oysters […]We know the Karun animal »He says.

Emmanuel Macron rejects the “ban tomorrow” on bullfighting and calls for “reconciliation”

Marine Le Pen regularly shows her sensitivity to the animal issue, but the national rally is divided. Gard RN Yoann Gillet dealt directly with Aymeric Caron in his serial edits against “seed eaters” And a law “To advance a single man’s career.”. While his colleague Julian O’Doul supported the ban and “animal welfare”And the “The author doesn’t matter.” from the text.

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On the right, LR claimed its part instead mainly “Defending the bullfighting tradition”.

On the left, the LFI and environmentalists supported the ban, like the majority of French people according to opinion polls. The Socialist Party was divided and the Communists were against the ban, such as the head of the Communist Party, Fabien Roussel, who sees it “A beautiful debate about the relationship between man and animals” but ‘They will not vote to ban’. Finally, the vote will not take place on Thursday.

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