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Facial recognition will not be used in the 2024 Games

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The government decided. The draft law on the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024, which will be submitted to Parliament in a few weeks, “completely and explicitly excludes the use of facial recognition”The Ministry of Sports told the “Parisian”. No biometric data. They will not be used, they will be specified in the text.

The topic, explosive, has been mentioned several times in recent weeks, some of the actors in the file including not using facial recognition in the summer of 2024.

sequel after announcement

Should facial recognition be allowed on public transport?

Before the Senate Culture Committee on October 12, Sports Minister Amelie Odea Castera indicated that, although she understood “The expectation and importance of facial recognition, especially after the Stade de France events”, “Currently, legislative provisions relating to security do not provide for these devices”.

“We are working on smart, but anonymous algorithms to manage crowd movements in transportation. Even these video protection devices will have to be checked by CNIL and the State Council before they can be implemented,” I confirmed.

Darmanin prefers “intelligent video surveillance”

On the part of the proponents of this technology, some have highlighted its use in other countries during major sporting events to deal with the risks of terrorism and delinquency. A Senate report published last May specifically called for trying it during the Games.

Should we be afraid of facial recognition?

However, nothing has been formalized yet. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed to the Senate Legal Committee for his part on October 25 that he Not for facial recognition “but rather favorable” The so-called intelligent video protection “, World Health Organization “It makes it possible not to target such and such an individual, but persons who respond to such an alert, or even categories of gestures, such as the degradation of public property”. This type of device can be mentioned in the bill for the organization of the Olympic Games.

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