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Adrian Koatennes “categorically denies” the new accusations of his wife

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LFI deputy Adrian Quatennens “categorically deny” Wednesday, November 23, in a press release on Twitter, his lawyer said that the new accusations of violence brought against him by his wife.

“My client disputes the statements of Celine Koatennes” and he Today I am forced by my voice publicly to respond publicly to the false accusations he utterly denies.m said.e Jade Duslin. These statements come in the context of tense negotiations on the occasion of her divorce and disagreements over financial terms and custody of their child.M. added.e Duslin in this press release.

sequel after announcement

Most of the charges were not brought against him.She also confirms again, while the deputy was summoned to Lille on December 13, before a prosecutor behind closed doors, as part of a pretrial admission of guilt (CRPC, sometimes called a “guilty plea”). “The public prosecution did not take any repeated acts of violence or harassment.”Dousselin assures me.

La France feminists faced the return of the Quatennens

Céline Quatennens announced on Wednesday ” several years “ From “anger”And the “crises” And the “physical and psychological violence” Who is her husband. “Over the past few years, I have wanted a divorce three times, and each time under pressure I have given up.”Her credibility was confirmed by Celine Koatennes in a press release, which her lawyer confirmed to AFP.

“a very personal version”

Chained Ducks, reporting on railings provided by Celine Coatennes, revealed that this issue caused an earthquake in mid-September in La Frances. Adrien Quatennens, very close to Jean-Luc Mélenchon and one of the candidates to succeed him, resigned as political coordinator and has not appeared in the assembly since.

In a lengthy press release on Sept. 18, he mentioned the 32-year-old elected official privately “quarrels” Since his wife announced his desire to divorce, explaining that he did so “grab the wrist” through one of them. He also admitted to having it “slap”exist ” year “And the “In a context of intense tension and mutual aggression”.

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The great embarrassment to “France” because of the Adrien Quatennens case

“In the face of Mr. Koatenins’ statements arguing in the media ‘with one slap in the context of extreme tension and mutual aggression’, I cannot remain silent in the face of comments that I consider insincere.”Céline Quatennens developed it in her press release. I denounced “a very personal version” Of the elected and insured speak “in spite of him” but “rebalance things”. “It is unpleasant for me that my husband publicly belittles the facts by denigrating me.”she added.

“#Quatennens demission”

Rebellious France in recent days openly contemplated the return of the deputy to the Bourbon palace. We are working collectively on the terms and schedule for Adrien Quatennens’ return. In the National Assembly, he had indicated last week to AFP Manuel Bompard, the unofficial president of the party. Adrian Koatenins indicated his desire to return, and several rebellious deputies indicated.

Back to the assembly “No longer possible”On the contrary, he judged PS boss Olivier Faure, a key LFI ally within the left-wing Nupes coalition. For Olivier Faure, “It is our duty to say” By Celine Coatennes “to accept his word and believe it”.

“He didn’t already have a place on our bicycle. Now it’s up to the courts to decide. A disobedient court can’t be settled.”tweeted Aurore Bergé, leader of the Renaissance Vice.

sequel after announcement

‘Lynching’: Mélenchon believes the Quatennens ‘should return’ to the Society

Green MP Sandrine Russo also felt that Adrienne Coatennes could not “It no longer exists in the National Assembly”Grenoble Mayor Eric Piolle thinks so“No violent man should represent the French people”. ‘Retreat is necessary’and also sentenced the head of the Communists, Fabien Roussel, another associate of Nupes.

“Victim, we believe you. Support all victims of male violence. #QuatennensResignation »This Wednesday, the Osez le feminisme association tweeted.

Everyone should respect Celine Coatennes’ word.This Wednesday, LFI MP Raquel Garrido commented, confirming this “The parliamentary group never said there was a need for a quick return” North vice bike.

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