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Three dead and six wounded in Kyiv as a result of Russian strikes, several cities without electricity

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Russia is not done bombing Ukraine. On Wednesday, November 23, Vladimir Putin’s army again fired missiles at its Ukrainian neighbor. The military administration of the capital announced, via Telegram, that three people were killed and six others injured in the Russian bombing of Kyiv. “One-story building damaged” The administration, without giving further details, added one of these strikes

Next, was the water supply ” suspended “ in Kyiv. Because of the bombing, the water supply stopped throughout Kyiv. Specialists (…) are working to restore it as soon as possible.said the capital’s mayor, Vitali Klitschko, via Telegram, calling on residents to stock up on water.

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Site“Infrastructure” The city of Kyiv was also bombed, Vitali Klitschko said, urging residents to stay in shelters. “An infrastructure site has been targeted. Stay in shelters »He wrote on Telegram, without giving further details.

Electricity and mobile network outages

“Several other explosions in different neighborhoods.”added shortly after in a separate message. Rescue services and doctors are on their way to the scene. affected, he added.

The Kyiv mayor also reported a power outage “Emergency” in “certain neighborhoods” from the capital.

A journalist at Agence France-Presse indicated that the northern region of Kyiv was left without electricity after a series of explosions.

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Problems with the mobile network in the capital were also noted.

The governor of the Kyiv region, Oleksiy Kuleba, reported on Telegram about the regions “residential” And the “Critical Infrastructure Sites” affected in this region. ‘There is a new bombing threat’to caution.

Moldova was also affected

“all city” The mayor of Lviv, in western Ukraine, said the power outages followed Russian strikes that targeted Ukrainian energy sites, said the mayor of Lviv, Andreich Sadovy.

“The whole city is without light. We are waiting for more information from the experts. There may be an interruption in the water supply.”he said on Telegram.

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In Odessa, living in spite of the war

Moldova was also a victim on Wednesday “Massive power outage” In the wake of Russian strikes on Ukrainian energy sites, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Spino said.

“Following the Russian bombing of the Ukrainian power system over the past hour, we have massive blackouts across the country.”While Moldova was already having major energy problems in connection with the war in Ukraine, he said on Facebook.

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