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The US Supreme Court allows Trump’s tax returns to be transferred to Congress

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Another setback for Donald Trump. After disavowal during the US midterm elections, this time the former tenant of the White House saw the US Supreme Court authorize the transfer of his tax returns to Congress.

Donald Trump, the biggest loser in the “midterm elections”

The highest court across the Atlantic rejected Donald Trump’s final appeal, thus authorizing the Treasury Department to turn over six years (from 2015 to 2020) of the billionaire’s tax documents to a House committee, which it will claim from 2019.

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The debate over whether Congress can obtain the former Republican president’s tax returns dates back to 2016 when he refused to release them. Although all of the White House tenants (and presidential candidates) have been doing this since the 1970s.

County Supreme Court

The infamy is even stronger for Donald Trump, who in recent years has secured a conservative majority on the Supreme Court by appointing three justices. In addition to revisiting the federal right to abortion, the court also cascaded preferential decisions to the former president: blocking access to certain financial records, appointing a “special judge” to examine government documents seized at Mar-a-Lago…

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And although the court’s brief order is not signed and does not indicate any opposition, it indicates an unexplained development that appeared a few days ago. In particular, the New York Times reports that three judges, including two appointed by Trump, ruled against him on Tuesday in the case of documents seized by the FBI at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

However, the former president, who announced his candidacy for 2024, did his best to delay the legal deadlines and avoid this transfer of documents. So he hoped the House would drop his request in January, when the Republicans took control.

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Several accusations of tax evasion

On the Democratic side, we welcome this decision that puts an end to “legal charade”. In The New York Times, New Jersey Democratic Congressman Bill Pascrell said: “It’s been 1,329 days since our committee requested Donald Trump’s tax returns—about as long as the American Civil War has lasted”he said in a statement. And for 1,329 days, our application, made by law, has been delayed, blocked and blocked by Donald Trump and his aides in government and the courts. »

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While deputies have yet to decide whether to release the documents, they will help address the former president’s allegations of tax evasion. Last September, the Attorney General of New York State sued Donald Trump and three of his children for wrongdoing for underpayment of taxes.

The New York Times also revealed in 2020 that Donald Trump had not paid federal income tax for 11 of the 18 years examined by the newspaper and that he had reduced his tax bill with questionable measures. Thus, the Supreme Court’s decision places an additional threat on the shoulders of the former president who is keeping silent.

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