Home Politics Emmanuel Macron rejects the “ban tomorrow” on bullfighting and calls for “reconciliation”

Emmanuel Macron rejects the “ban tomorrow” on bullfighting and calls for “reconciliation”

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On Wednesday, November 23, Emmanuel Macron said he would be there “No ban tomorrow” Bullfighting, as demanded by the LFI, was invited in this thread “settlement, exchange”.

There will be no ban tomorrow. We must move towards reconciliation and exchange. From where I stand, it’s not a priority right now. This topic should be treated with respect and interest.The President of the Republic announced, on the sidelines of the visit to the Salon of the Syndicate of Mayors of France.

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Bullfighting unleashes emotions, through press forums and demonstrations, and opposes within different political groups animal welfare advocates for those who belong to “cultural tradition”.

Abolition of bullfighting: between Emeric Caron and Simon Casas, war has been declared for bullfighting

We must take into account the local idiosyncrasies and customs to which our citizens are legitimately attached. It awakens the animal’s condition and sensitivity, especially among the younger generations. Once we make a guilty verdict, it just doesn’t work.”added the head of state.

“The animal condition is not always heard enough, it is a real topic. When we talk about hunting, bullfighting, the topic of animal condition, we have to address it.”And the In the same way we should look at what is in our culture.is completed.

insist on it Conduct these discussions respectfully. In respecting traditions and our culture because people have the impression that they are deprived of their culture. In line with our commitment to biodiversity and climate. there is a way ».

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LFI condemns the “obstruction” of its text

At the origin of the bill against bullfighting, LFI Aymeric Caron prof “Unacceptable way of doing things” by Emmanuel Macron L “Pressure on Ennahdha MPs”. “The Executive Director has already said that he will oppose the ban on bullfighting, ignoring the will of the French. But the decision is left to the Assembly, not the President.”tweeted the deputy of Paris.

The total ban on bullfighting is one of the twelve texts on the list “parliamentary standing” From the LFI at the National Assembly on Thursday. LFI MPs hope for the political spotlight despite the risks“Obstruction” from their opponents.

Bullfighting, slaughterhouses and circuses… How do politicians deal with the animal issue?

A text about bullfighting is the subject of more than 500 adaptations. to “Occlusion pure and simple”with “Some modifications attack me” Personally, Monday had been mourned by Emeric Caron.

Despite the majority’s support in public opinion, the proposal, which was rejected in committee, had little chance of being approved.

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