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CAC 40 leaders earned 100 times more salaries than employees in 2021

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The average total salary for presidents in the CAC 40 increased by 52%. in 2021 It achieved a 15-year high 7.9 million eurosany more than 100 times the average employee salaryAccording to a report published by the Council of Ministers on Tuesday Proxinvest.

The government notes a Post-health crisis recovery “With” the sharp increase in average and average compensation across all indices (CAC 40 and SBF 120 of the 120 largest listed companies in France), we are of course in historical records, “the editor said. Jehan LeroyAnd the ESG Research Director (Environmental, Social and Governance Standards) during a media conference. This increase is also due to a ” Effect Carlos Tavares (General Manager of the Franco-Italian-American Automotive Group) stellants whose wages have reached a record for a CEO according to Proxinvest, at 66.7 million euross (19.15, depending on the company).

“This is the first time in 15 years that a company has offered full compensation above 50 million eurosIt is also “the first time in 8 years that the average compensation of CAC-40 executives is more than 100 times the average compensation of employees,” adds the same source, which reveals less compliance with the socially acceptable maximum compensation (5.12 million euros) from Proxinvest. The numbers for 2021 have been compared to those for 2019 before the health crisis, not 2020 which is considered an unrepresentative year given that a number of directors have waived part of their pay.

Carlos Tavares

The company that issues voting recommendations to shareholders at general meetings noted that since 2021, all CAC 40 companies now have reformers From ESG performance In one of the CEO’s variable compensation. The trio is made up of the highest-paid CEOs of Carlos Tavares From stellants (66.7 million euros), Bernard Charles From Dassault Systems (44.1 million euros including 40.8 million in shareholder compensation) f Daniel julian From Teleperformance (19.6 million euros).

The report estimates all forms of executive compensation: fixed bonus, annuity, fees, benefits in kind, stock options, free performance shares evaluated on the date they are granted, cash incentives and other forms of indirect compensation.

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