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Adrien Quatennens will not participate in the association’s LFI group until justice decides

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The LFI group announced in a press release on Wednesday evening, November 23, that Adrian Kwattinens, accused of domestic violence against his wife, will not participate in the activities of his political group in the association until justice issues its decision.

We hope that the ongoing legal proceedings will continue to their conclusion. Once the court’s decision is issued, our group will collectively decide which follow-up to file within.”explains the parliamentary group. ” Even here “ deputy from the north “You will not participate in the activity of our parliamentary group”He continued in a press release.

sequel after announcement

La France feminists faced the return of the Quatennens

This press release follows new accusations by Celine Koatennes V “physical and psychological violence” practiced since then ” several years “accusations disputed by an LFI deputy from the North “definitely”However, she presented several invitations to him to withdraw completely from the association.

Disputed new fees

I suffered from his anger, his crises, his physical and moral violence for several years. Over the past few years, I’ve wanted a divorce three times, and each time I’ve given up under the pressure.Her credibility was confirmed by Celine Koatennes in a press release, which her lawyer confirmed to AFP.

deputy “categorically deny” these “false accusations”His attorney, Jed Doslin, responded. These statements come in the context of tense negotiations on the occasion of her divorce and disagreements over financial terms and custody of their child.Me Dousselin added in a press release.

The Quatennens Affair: Rebellious France on the Verge of Generational Collapse

Most of the charges were not brought against him.reaffirms, while the deputy is summoned to Lille on December 13, before a prosecutor behind closed doors, under the preliminary admission of guilt procedure (CRPC, sometimes called “admit guilt”). “The public prosecution did not take any repeated acts of violence or harassment.”Dousselin assures me.

sequel after announcement

A possible return was much discussed

The return of the deputy to the Bourbon palace has been the subject of public debate within rebellious France in recent days. We are working collectively on the terms and schedule for Adrien Quatennens’ return. In the Assembly, he had indicated last week to AFP Manuel Bompard, the unofficial president of the party. Adrian Koatenins indicated his desire to return, and several rebellious deputies indicated.

Back to the assembly “No longer possible”, the PS President Olivier Faure, the main ally of the LFI within the left-wing alliance Nupes, is sentenced after the publication of these new accusations. For Olivier Faure, “It is our duty to say” By Celine Coatennes “to accept his word and believe it”.

Everyone should respect Celine Coatennes’ word.LFI MP Raquel Garrido commented on Wednesday, confirming this “The parliamentary group never said there was a need for a quick return” North vice bike.

‘Lynching’: Mélenchon believes the Quatennens ‘should return’ to the Society

“He didn’t already have a place on our bicycle. Now it’s up to the courts to decide. A naughty court can’t be settled.”tweeted Aurore Bergé, leader of the Renaissance Vice.

BIA “should be excluded” Adrian Koatennes of his group, National Front deputies leader Marine Le Pen said on CNN News. The far-right party has excluded itself from its group in the European Parliament, MEP Hervé Goffin, convicted of domestic violence.

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