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The National Assembly approves a draft planning law for the Ministry of the Interior

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On Tuesday November 22nd, the National Assembly adopted by a large majority the Planning and Orientation Bill for the Ministry of the Interior: an additional 15 billion euros over five years, but also measures to simplify criminal procedures, rejected by part of the left.

The text, already voted on in the Senate, was adopted on first reading in the Assembly by 419 votes to 116, with the help of Representatives LR, RN and Liot. The Socialist Group chose to abstain.

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“Police, gendarmerie, firefighters and prefectural agents who are doing a great job, […] Now a text commensurate with their means of protecting the French.”He was greeted by Home Secretary Gerald Darmanin after the vote.

At the beginning of the first reading last week, it was a good call“spirit of harmony”. LFI deputy Ugo Bernalicis immediately responded to him with a request to refuse, denouncing the police’s vision. Between Terminator and Robocop. Communists and environmentalists also fought the text in sometimes tense dialogues with the minister.

The left is divided, the right and the far right seduced

Featured in the camera lens for the three groups in particular is the extension of the number of offenses that may be subject to a fixed tort fine, imposed by an out-of-trial agent, for example for obstructing road traffic. The government has relied on simplifying the criminal response, and the left has accused it of paving the way for a disguised attack against protesters or climate activists, or even being prepared to challenge pension reform.

The Socialists, who are less hostile than their fellow Nubians, announced their abstention on Tuesday afternoon, but kept positive points in the bill: Additional resources and job creation, even if it is necessary to verify that this will be effective.Rep. Christine Pierce Boone warned. During the examination in session, they, like their comrades on the left, lamented the lack of measures to re-establish the link between the police and the population.

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Judicial Police Reform: “The less we fight organized crime, the more it develops”

The equation was simpler on the right and far right. “Never in our history have we voted against additional means of policing.”He had summoned the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Olivier Marlix, before the vote.

However judging the government project ” Insufficient “Elected right-wing deputies received almost three thousand places in administrative detention centers for foreigners in an illegal situation.

Marine Le Pen, Chair of the RN Group, saw in this text a ‘A small ideological victory’even if you consider that its scope is limited.

After this vote, the deputies and senators will try to agree on a joint version of the text in a joint committee.

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Job creation and updating

With the increased funds, an additional 8,500 police and gendarmerie jobs are to be created over the five-year period. Thus, 11 new units of mobile troops Rapid Intervention Specialist. will be created. And to ensure security in the countryside, 200 gendarmerie brigade.

To combat cybercrime, which is constantly increasing, the text will allow the seizure of digital assets such as cryptocurrencies.

The bill opens the way for some offenses to file a complaint by videoconference, and tightens the crackdown on sexual insults and sexual insults.

It also provides a roadmap for the Ministry (on a digital level, training, Frontex’s position in national border control, etc.).

Paragraph 450 or so has no legislative value, but it crystallized tensions, particularly because it paved the way for reform of the judicial police, much criticized by the opposition.

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