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Job statement for Caroline Magni, ex-wife of Eric Ciotti

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They are set, according to “chained ducks”, conditionally Penelopesques – referring to the case of Penelope Fillon, who is convicted like her husband, a former Republican presidential candidate, in a case of fake jobs.

What positions did Caroline Magni, former companion of Eric Ciotti, hold, and what was the pay? After the weekly revealed that she had accumulated several jobs in the House of Representatives, Nice, and in the constituency, Monday, November 21, “Liberation” revealed the details of the job statement of the ex-wife of the Republican presidential candidate.

sequel after announcement

In June 2007, when she was already Chief of Staff to the President of the General Council of Alpes-Maritimes Christian Estrosi, for approximately €39,700 a year, Caroline Magne became her husband’s parliamentary aide, receiving a total gross pay of €51,500 for this. two jobs.

Eric Ciotti’s path, from Nice to the Bourbon Palace, is in a straight line

When Christian Estrosi was elected mayor of Nice in 2008, Caroline Magni became the full-time chief of staff. It is also paid by the Alpes-Maritimes division, of which Eric Ciotti, who also retains his seat as vice president, becomes its president. Caroline Magni is still paid as her husband’s assistant (€19,000 in total). “Either for 2008 a total of €77,500 was received”Editing details.

There is no stacking permission

Her wages continued to increase in 2009. The woman was then paid as an employee of Eric Ciotti, Chief of Staff of the Mayor of Nice, but also by the Urban Community of Nice Côte d’Azur, a total of 94.500 euros. “Being chief of staff means managing everyday life. I used to do it for Estrosi, who was the mayor of Nice and head of the urban community”explains the person concerned, who also says, of combining her position in the city with that of her husband’s aide: “I had a five-hour-a-week contract as a parliamentary assistant, because in addition to my position in the commune of Nice, I actually worked with Eric in the constituency. But I didn’t want people to say that the time I devoted to him was paid for by the city. That’s why I got this.” The contract in the association. »

For his comeback, candidate Eric Ciotti promised “shock therapy” for his party

In a press release, Eric Ciotti who said “obscene attack” On the eve of the LR presidential election in early December, he confirmed that this backlog of activity was not Never exceed 44 hours a week. This corresponds to a 2009 gross pay of €70 an hour, eight times more than every Smic hour at the time, determined “editing”. Furthermore, the City of Nice has not granted any application for permission to merge, as required by law.

In 2014, Caroline Magny became Director General of Services (DGS) in La-Colle-sur-Loup, and still receives €10,000 a year as parliamentary assistant to her husband. No backlog permission required. According to what the newspaper quoted from a local official: “This can be explained by the fact that she was in a position of conflict of interest, being the director of state security for the city of La-Colle-sur-Loup, but also the assistant to the deputy who was president of the board of directors, which, as such, gives subsidies to municipalities, including In it is the city of La-Colle-sur-Loup.

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