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Eric Ciotti talks about jobs that are “fully practiced” and “known to all” after opening an investigation into his ex-wife

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In the midst of the election campaign for the LR presidency, on Tuesday November 22 the right rose up against the opening of an investigation by the National Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) into the functions of the ex-wife of Eric Ciotti, denouncing “special jurisdiction”. Alpes-Maritimes elected representative confirmed that these functions were “Exercise fully.”

“I would like to assert that these functions were always fully exercised, and that they were known to all and in perfect harmony with his college training.”Eric Ciotti said in a statement. “So I have no doubt that this investigation will confirm all of these elements.”added the deputy, one of three candidates for the LR presidency along with Bruno Retailleau and Aurélien Pradié.

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The PNF a ouvert une enquête préliminaire pour détournement de fonds publics, abus de confiance et recel de ces infractions, after the publication d’articles selon lesquels Caroline Magne, ex-épouse du député des Alpes-Maritimes, a cumule more emplois pendant près de Decade.

The Alpine-Maritimes elected representative made it clear last week that he had hired Caroline Magny as a collaborator in parliament “very part time” And the “With strict adherence to laws and regulations”.

Haro on PNF

On the right, several figures have denounced the opening of this investigation: “The Palestinian National Front calls itself to the electoral calendar” Republicans and “It doesn’t surprise me anymore.”Eleven days before the first round of this internal election, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, Olivier Marlix, was released to the press.

‘Nobody argues with materiality’ Vacancies, Olivier Marlix motivated. “What bothers me is that PNF seems to be practicing double standards.” And the “It looks like an extraordinary tribunal for Les Républicains”He continued, referring to previous investigations with François Fillon and Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Same story in the Aurélien Pradié camp where an elected official wonders “This political judiciary is always against the opposition and never against the majority.”. By focusing their attacks on the measure, Republicans are avoiding talking about the substance, with an election approaching crucial to the future of the party, which is down to 4.8% in the presidential election.

In the Ciotti camp, we don’t think opponents will try to take back the issue. “It is not in their interest, the activists will not forgive them for using such a dirty practice.”

“Don’t comment, don’t revel in it, won’t use it”Osman Nasro, spokesman for Bruno Retaio, confirms his insistence on the desire to implement “clean drive”. “we don’t want to use it”abounds in Pierre-Henri Dumont, near Aurélien Pradié.

It will not affect the campaign.

But eleven days before the first round, will such a development affect the internal elections, in which Eric Ciotti appears to be the favorite? ” Not sure “is estimated in the Brady camp, which is deplorable “banana skins”And the ” not bad “ to his entire political family.

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Activists don’t get fooled, Gilhem Karayon, campaign spokesman for Eric Ciotti, told AFP. They experienced the same phenomenon five years ago, but that didn’t stop them from supporting François Fillon to the end.in contrast to the electorate.

In 2017, LR presidential candidate François Fillon saw his career implode with “Penelopegate,” a fictitious work case named after his wife, which earned him a conviction this year by the courts.

In LR, these are Sarkozy’s sons who dream of liberation from the former president

Eric Ciotti doesn’t have the same scenario, an LR executive confirms: “At this point, there is nothing to blame, especially the fictitious posts.” And the It will have no effect on the campaign. It’s too late, this kind of thing should have time to air to take effect.he adds. according to him, “There was actually an attempt last spring to release this information, and it failed.”.

In Eric Ciotti’s footnote, it is made clear that they were questioned on the same subject, two or three weeks before the legislative elections, by the media who did not follow up. This, in their view, would lend credence to A.’s idea ” a leak “ structured information. At Bruno Retailleau and Aurélien Pradié’s camps, we swear we won’t be held responsible.

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