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Poland, Iran and Africa… What do we remember from Emmanuel Macron’s speech at the G20

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Emmanuel Macron spoke on Wednesday, November 16, at the conclusion of the G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia. The French president said he called his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, after the Russian strikes “distasteful” against Ukraine.

The greatness and misery of the G20

Yesterday was a terrible day for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.said the chief, emphasizing it “more than 85 missiles” hit civilian infrastructure. On Tuesday, Russian strikes hit the cities of Kyiv, Lviv and Kharkiv, and several regions were deprived of electricity.

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• Caution about Poland

He attributed reports that attributed the fall of a missile in Poland to the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense: “Today, circumstances do not allow attributing these footage. There are first works shared by the United States, but we must be careful.”.

Emmanuel Macron has also said he wants China, which has refused to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, to play ‘A more important role for mediation’ In the war. “China can play a greater mediating role with us in the coming months.” especially for “Avoid even the most powerful attacks of February.”He told the press.

In Odessa, living in spite of the war

He said he had discussed with Chinese President Xi Jinping “Principle” From a visit to China in early 2023. China, like many non-Western countries, refuses to condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that began on February 24 and rejects the sanctions imposed by Kyiv’s Western allies. “There is space for rapprochement, including with the main emerging countries, China and India, to push Russia to calm down.”he insisted.

• Call for calm in Iran

Emmanuel Macron denounced A “Iran’s growing aggressiveness” Regarding France “Unacceptable hostage-taking”Tehran called “Return to calm and spirit of cooperation” And the “Respect for regional stability”By mentioning “The bombing in recent days on Iraqi soil.”.

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Iran launched a new series of missile and drone strikes on Monday against Iranian Kurdish opposition groups based in neighboring Iraqi Kurdistan, killing at least one person and wounding eight, according to local officials.

France has always respected Iran’s leaders and people. We have always been in the discussion and respect approach. I believe that the choices that have been made in recent months do not go in this direction in favor of Iran. I therefore demand a return to calm, respect for regional stability, as well as respect for French citizens.added the head of state.

Iran: Freedom Against the Mullahs

Emmanuel Macron praised “Courage and legitimacy” From “Iranian Women and Youth Revolution”After weeks of demonstrations, and after receiving dissidents on Friday, November 11, at the Elysee, which was criticized by Tehran.

“These women and young people are defending our universal values ​​and principles. I tell us, I am not talking about France, it is universal, it is also the one in the United Nations Charter: the equality of women and men, the dignity of every human being.”

• Support the integration of the African Union into the Group of Twenty

Emmanuel Macron finally confirmed that Paris “Supports full integration of the African Union into the G20”in the same way that the European Union is a member, during a press conference.

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Consider it to be “essential element” from reconfigure Rules of managing international institutions.. “If we want to fully consider solidarity with the south, we must accept that the African Union, like the European Union, is around the table”did he say.

The French president also announced a contract Next June in Paris. from one International Conference on a New Financial Pact with the Southwith the desire to “Creating the conditions for a real shock to finance the south” Because “We must not, we cannot ask these countries to support multilateralism, if they are not able to respond to their vital emergencies.”.

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