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One in three mayors says they have already been threatened or insulted

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More than one in three mayors say they have already been subjected to threats or insults, a number that is growing sharply, according to a study by Sevipov presented Monday, November 21 at the Conference of Mayors in France.

According to the Science Po think tank, which received responses from 3,700 mayors out of some 35,000 in the country, 39% said they had received threats, verbal or written, up 11 points from 2020. And 37% also mentioned insults. Or insults up 8 points.

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and 63.1% said they were victims “incivility”a term that includes facts ranging from rudeness to aggression, up 10 points from 2020.

Difficulties in “enforcing the law”

“These figures, which are clearly publicized and therefore different from the complaints made, underscore the increasing difficulty that mayors have in enforcing the law but even more so in finding countermeasures for disrespecting authority.”writes Professor Marshall Foucault, author of the study.

Senators on Wednesday approved a bill intended to allow associations of elected officials to file civil suits in support of elected officials who are victims of the attacks.

David Lesnard, “right-winger” at the helm of the AMF

When also asked about the rise in energy prices, the mayors expressed their great concern on this subject.

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Urgent reduction of the energy bill

The most common measures to deal with it are to reduce general lighting and heating in public buildings.

Mayors are less likely to consider reducing heating in schools and nurseries (49%), reducing the use of municipal service vehicles (34%) or restricting hours of use of sports equipment (30%).

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Because of the effect of inflation on local finances, An energy crisis is producing another energy crisis.Marshall Foucault notes, 46% of mayors are considering abandoning energy conversion projects due to budget shortages.

Also, 40% are considering giving up hiring, 33% want to cut road expenses and 18% are considering increasing local taxes.

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