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Eric Ciotti refutes any questionable job mix of his ex-wife

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said deputy to. R. Eric Ciotti, his party’s presidential candidate, is in the same breath “obscene attack” This Wednesday, November 16th after an article in “Chained Duck” revealed that his ex-wife had accumulated several jobs at the association, in Nice and in the department.

In its edition of This Wednesday, “Chained Duck” confirmed that Eric Ciotti’s ex-wife, Caroline Magne, has held various jobs with deputy or political allies: press secretary to Christian Estrosi, she became in 2007 parliamentary attache to Eric Ciotti when he was elected to the Assembly , as well as a job with the Alpes-Maritimes district council where she was ‘expands his skills’ When her husband took over as president in 2008.

sequel after announcement

For his comeback, candidate Eric Ciotti promised “shock therapy” for his party

The article also reveals that she became Deputy Director of the Mayor of Nice before joining the Steering Group of the Urban Community, and exercised these responsibilities until 2011. At the Assembly, her contract expired in 2016, but she also, between 2014 and 2016, exercised the responsibilities. In the town of La Colle-sur-Loup, and worked in the diocese of Nice between 2012 and 2014, he confirms the “chained ducks”.

In both cases, cumulative activity did not exceed 44 hours per week.Eric Ciotti responded in a press release saying the same thing “obscene attack” On the eve of the elections for the presidency of LR in early December.

“Permanent attacks to discredit our candidates”

The MP explained that he had hired Caroline Magne as a parliamentary assistant “very part time” And the “With strict adherence to laws and regulations”.

Currency “in the constituency” receipt “5:25 weeks”confirmed. As for the town hall of La Colle-sur-Loup, The weekly working time never exceeded 9 hours per week.specially.

sequel after announcement

Eric Ciotti’s path, from Nice to the Bourbon Palace, is in a straight line

“The interpretation is quite clear, when you say there is no questionable element in the law, I do not see in advance where the subject is.”, said Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Senate General LR Olivier Marleix. Senator LR Valerie Boyer said to herself in the Senate at large “I am tired of these constant attacks to discredit our candidates, and this is something that seems to me very unhealthy for democracy.”.

For his part, Christian Estrosi, the former mentor of Eric Ciotti before their separation, refused to comment on this issue. “I remember one collaborator who was rather blunt and stern”Simply said France2’s Vice President of Horizons.

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