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China records its first Covid-19 death since May

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On Sunday, November 20, China announced its first COVID-19 death since May, an 87-year-old man in Beijing, as the increase in the number of cases gradually shuts down institutions and businesses.

The deceased man had mild Covid, but his condition worsened after contracting a bacterial infection, according to state broadcaster CCTV.

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The decline in infections and hospitalizations associated with Covid-19 is a sign of time

The Asian giant is the latest major global economy to implement a strict so-called Zero Covid health policy, which aims to do everything to prevent pollution and therefore deaths. It consists of imposing restrictions as soon as cases appear, compulsory quarantine of people who test positive PCR tests and almost daily to identify chains of transmission.

On Sunday, the health ministry announced more than 24,000 new local positive cases within 24 hours in the country – the vast majority asymptomatic.

621 new cases in Beijing

The large industrial province of Guangdong, where the cities of Canton and Shenzhen are located, is the hardest hit. The capital, Beijing, which is closely watched by the authorities and the media, has recorded 621 new cases. Residents are confined to their homes and others have been quarantined in designated centres.

The authorities are on guard and seem unwilling to impose too severe restrictions at the moment in the face of a population expressing great weariness with the anti-Covid measures.

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Major shopping malls in Beijing announced their closure on Sunday. Others, however, have simply reduced their hours or banned table service in their restaurants. Many restaurants can no longer accommodate customers, but deliveries remain authorized.

This November 15th, we will be the 8 billionth human being on earth…whack or one more time?

Several office buildings in Chaoyang district, home to the business district and embassies, on Sunday asked companies to switch to remote work. The French School in Beijing announced to the parents of the students that they had been instructed To switch to distance education.. Parks, gyms and gyms are also closed.

Confinement and quarantine

On Saturday, authorities called for people to avoid travel “non-deterministic” between different regions of Beijing to prevent the spread of the virus.

On the Chinese social network Weibo, similar to Twitter, comments in articles related to the epidemic in Beijing have been filtered out, perhaps in order to avoid too strong an online outcry against the health measures.

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The city of Guangzhou, which has announced more than 8,000 new positive cases, began public screening in the central Haizhou region – where about 1.8 million people live – on Sunday.

How Covid put us in Trans

China announced on November 11 an easing in its zero Covid health policy, including limiting quarantines, particularly for international arrivals.

However, a return to normal remains a long way off, as confinement, quarantines and checks are still widely imposed.

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