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Vancouver Top Chef Canada describes it as offering a ‘delightful’ experience

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“Looking at all the chefs competing, the crazy challenges, which are supposed to be the hardest this season, and the amazing world-class judges, I’ve really accomplished so much to be a part of Top Chef Canada,” says the veteran chef.

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Although her time at Food Network Canada was “a unique and life-changing experience,” Lo admits to having lingering feelings about losing her sanity. Toronto chef Trevan Sanderson has been named this season’s winner.

“Everyone who has seen me on the show knows I don’t hide my words and feelings in sugar, so it would be dishonest to say I’m not frustrated at all,” says Low. To be in second place is a great honor and achievement. »

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Lo, a graduate of the French Culinary Institute in New York whose experience includes jobs at Cin Cin and Blank Canvas Catering, assures viewers that the emotions and explosions she witnessed during the competition were very real.

“Every fight and every tear was as real as it gets,” says Lu. I think I’m still getting over it! I have no regrets in every step, every joke, every facial expression and every decision I made during the contest. However, if there was one dish I would change up, it would be the rack of lamb at the end. It’s definitely not my finest moment. »

Lo’s favorite dish on the show was the grilled bread he made for Chef Mark McEwan and his daughter, Taylor, in the sixth episode.

“The fact that they enjoyed the dish and the other judges giving me such positive feedback really cemented my place in the competition,” Lo shares. “I was able to show off my fish cutting skills and, once again, my grilling ability.”

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This particular day also had a special meaning for Lo aside from her culinary performance.

“The day you left us avons lancé le concours était le meme day, il ya sept ans, lorsque mon père est decédé”, explique Lu. « Pour moi, c’était un signe qu’il me regardait et me guidait tout au long travelling. »

Lo showed off some of the moves to other chefs considering getting involved.

“The application process is no joke. It is much longer than my college application.” However, if you really want to push yourself and prove to yourself what you’re made of and capable of doing, Do it! Don’t think of it as, “Oh, what if I got fired first?” Immediately you already spoke for yourself. »

Instead of embracing the prospect of potential success or failure, the professional chef says he views the opportunity as an overall valuable learning experience.

“Going through the application process, being selected, and then going through with the offer is really quite an accomplishment,” she says. “It’s not easy! …

“(But) the friendship you will have for life, and the relationships and opportunities that will come your way after that are priceless. Remember, you only live once.”


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