Home Politics The LFI stipulated that the right to abortion be included in the constitution, which was passed by a committee of representatives

The LFI stipulated that the right to abortion be included in the constitution, which was passed by a committee of representatives

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On Wednesday 16 November, MPs in Committee adopted a new text aimed at including the right to abortion in the Constitution, which was put forward by the LFI group and which will be examined on 24 November in circulation.

The right to abortion in the constitution: We asked intellectuals for their opinion

This green light from the Legal Committee comes a week after another draft constitutional law was granted for the same goal and is being implemented by the presidential Ennahda party. But his session exam is not set until November 28.

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This competition did not prevent the presidential majority from voting in favor of the LFI proposal, not without some tension when Renaissance wanted to bring the wording closer to its text, before changing its mind.

Contraceptive rights

“No person shall infringe the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy and contraception.” : In contrast to the text of the deputies of the Macrons, the LFI text also mentions contraceptives.

Why the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution is a “groundbreaking gesture”

this “necessary – result”Their leader, Mathilde Bannot, argued, because “In general, we attack contraceptive rights when we want to attack abortion.”.

Mathilde Bannott also defended the wording “Nobody can hurt”more “Inclusive” from the Renaissance (“Women may not be deprived of their rights.” abortion) on the grounds that it does not exclude transgender people.

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“historic victory”

A rewrite of the script in Hemicycar was not ruled out, as the rebels opened the door to proposals from MoDem.

LR array called a file “Musleht” To support constitutionalism: it is essential that “We can be sure that he does not call into question the conditionality of access to abortion.”Rep. O’Reillyn Brady said.

RN Representative Pascale Bordes also said she fears the right to abortion will be restored “unconditional and absolute”.

Marine Le Pen and Abortion: Twenty Years of Pretentiousness and Pretentiousness

The arguments are intended to mask the hostility of the far right to abortion according to the LFI, which has welcomed it “historic victory” After voting in committee.

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Senate opposition

Even with a positive vote in session, including the right to abortion in the Constitution currently faces opposition from the Senate, which in October rejected a text similar to the LFI’s.

However, any proposal for a constitutional law must be voted on under the same conditions by both chambers, before it is put to referendum. This last step can be avoided if it is a bill passed by the executive branch.

We’d be ready to vote for her.said Mathilde Bannott, concerned that the referendum might lead to “A campaign galvanizing anti-choice movements”.

Advocates of including the right to abortion in the Constitution argue that this achievement should be better protected, in light of the challenges noted recently in the United States or even in Europe.

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