Home News The family of Cecile Koehler, a French woman held in Iran, has broken her silence to demand her release

The family of Cecile Koehler, a French woman held in Iran, has broken her silence to demand her release

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“For her sake we must not crack” : The family and entourage of Cécile Koehler, French teacher and trade unionist detained in Iran since last May, spoke this Sunday, November 20 for the first time, at “Les Dernieres Nouvelles d’Alsace” (DNA), a few days before the creation of a support committee.

“Are we sure she’s alive when we don’t even know where she’s being held?” Their interest is not to kill her, and she is certainly treated better than the Iranian detainees on the material level, but this treatment is inhuman.His father, Pascal Koehler, told the local newspaper.

sequel after announcement

Her family, who live in Soultz in Haut-Rhin, have not contacted her since her arrest, and no French consular representative has been able to see her, DNA has explained. Attitude “unsupportable” To the parents, Pascale and Mireille, who are worried about them “Psychological state” by Cecil.

The Iranian volcanic eruption has just begun

The Support Committee will be launched Tuesday in Strasbourg, Saint Cecile Day. Noemi Koehler, her sister, will be the spokesperson.

“State hostages”

Cecile Koehler, 38, was arrested with another Frenchman, Jacques Paris, while she was traveling in Iran, the country she dreamed of visiting. “a while ago”.

His relatives decided to speak out after Tehran’s broadcast in early October of a video purporting to be “recognition”Accordingly, Cécile Koehler worked for the French Secret Service. Paris had denounced a “Undeserved staging” He mentioned it for the first time “State hostages”.

sequel after announcement

Quai d’Orsay in early November invited the French passing through Iran to “Leave the country as soon as possible given the risk of arbitrary detention.”.

Family, friends and colleagues also want to make Cecil Koehler known. Syndicate in charge of international relations at the Force Ouvrière, this agrégé in Modern Arts chose to continue teaching for “Keep in touch with the field, colleagues and students”DNA repeat.

The embodiment of worship

This week the International Labor Organization called for his release “without deadline”So is Jacques Paris and they can benefit from it Immediate consular assistance.

Cecil is “dedication embodied” According to her relatives, a teacher “Always voluntary for classes deemed difficult”Describes Marin, his colleague and friend. “a person who takes great joy in life” to Anthony, his former roommate.

Saleha, a maintenance worker at Les Pierres Vives secondary school in Carrières-sur-Seine in Yvelines where Cécile Koehler works, testifies before a teacher “not arrogant” World Health Organization “He gave us, the janitors, the same importance as the teachers”.

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