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Robert Clary dies: ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ star was 96

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Robert Clary, best known for playing Corporal Louis LeBeau on the Beloved SCS Comedy series Hero Hogan, death. He was 96 years old.

Clary’s granddaughter, Kim Wright, confirmed her death Hollywood journalistRevealing his death on Wednesday morning (November 16) at his home in Los Angeles, California.

Born on March 1, 1926, in Paris, France, Clary was deported to a Nazi concentration camp as a teenager during World War II because he was Jewish. However, he survived, which he later attributed to his ability to dance and sing, which amused the German troops.

Clary said THR in 2015. “I was so immature and young and completely unaware of the situation I was involved in… I don’t know if I would have lived if I had really known.”

After the war, Clary continued to record music that became popular in France and the United States. His first appearance on American television came in a comedy sketch in French The Ed Wayne Show in 1950. From there he met Merv Griffin and Eddie Cantor and later married Cantor’s daughter, Natalie Cantor Metzger. Clary would go on to appear on shows like The Martha Ray Show and the A date with adventure.

Clary’s big breakthrough came in 1965 when he starred as French leader Corporal Louis LeBeau in the 1960s. Hero Hogan. The series is set in a German prisoner of war camp during World War II, and Clary played a French prisoner of war who was part of an Allied sabotage unit operating within the camp.

“People asked me if I had any qualms about doing a skit about the Nazis and concentration camps. These were prisoners of war in Stalag, not a concentration camp, Clary explained, and while I didn’t want to belittle what the soldiers were like day and night what people suffered in the concentration camps .

He starred in all six seasons Hero Hoganwhich ended its run in 1971. He continued to appear in daytime soap operas days of our lives As well as with Robert LeClair Young and restless and the Bold and beautiful.

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