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Renting on Airbnb has never been easier.

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With over 6 million active listings and over 1 billion travelers since its inception, Airbnb has undoubtedly revolutionized the way we travel. But this revolution, started by Brian Chesky in 2008, isn’t over yet: an exclusive Forbes France review of the group’s latest innovations with Catherine Powell, Global Director of Accommodation at Airbnb.

Airbnb Start – Simplify and improve renting

In a press release published on Wednesday, Airbnb announced its new features for Winter 2022/2023. The suite offers several improvements, the main one being called Airbnb setupdescribed as a A completely new and incredibly easy way to use Airbnb in your home“.

Two main metrics to remember :

  1. When you rent for the first time, Airbnb setup New hosts are allowed to have free, face-to-face consultations with them Super hostsLeasing experts.
  2. with Airbnb setupYour first guest will also be with the so-called “experienced” guest, that is, someone who will have more than three stays and a “good track record” with Airbnb for their account. Thus, this person will be able to give you recommendations in order to improve the experience of future hosts.

Thus, Airbnb has established true peer learning. And when it comes to support, new renters have access to a dedicated team ready to help; Users can reach these dedicated agents via phone, SMS or email in more than 42 languages. In 2022, it is More than 150 measurements taken to improve the services offered by Airbnb.

Airbnb start – Renting out your property has never been so easy © Airbnb, Inc.

Other than setting up Airbnb, another notable announcement is the addition of six new housing categories : new, Top of the World, Vogue, Adaptation, Play And the Hannox. For people with disabilities, category adaptation It was also added. ” As we strive to become a more inclusive platform, it’s really important that we have listings that meet the specific needs of people with disabilities.. Catherine Powell explains. Anyone who wants to list their place on Airbnb has access to a large number of programs that make creating their listings even easier. There is even an option to allow online account access by an Airbnb expert who will help you set up your overview page.

Airbnb – great income supplement in times of crisis

Last year, a model host at Airbnb in France earned about 3,600 euros. Total host revenue globally increased 30% in the third quarter compared to the same period last year. Noun Airbnb By the way it comes from an air mattress. Founders Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky couldn’t afford the rent, so they inflated three air mattresses and created Air Bed and Breakfast. Soon, people from all over the world joined them. ” We want our platform to be a place where all travelers can go to find what they need, and our guests can welcome them in a way that makes them feel at home.Katherine Powell continues. The French hosts are also excellent. She tells us in perfect French.

Katherine Powell – Global Head of Hosting at Airbnb © Airbnb, Inc.

Airbnb as seen by Catherine Powell

Airbnb is a technology company that relies primarily on human connections. Demand has never been so strong in personal and professional travel. Our priority is to create a relationship of trust between the host and the passenger. So we have implemented new measures like Increase protection AirCover for visitors to nearly $3 million worldwide24 hour security assistance taking into account local characteristics. For example, in France, bottles of wine are included in the insurance. By gaining mutual trust, our community is strengthened. The numbers speak for themselves: In the quarter ending in September, Airbnb recorded more than 99.7 million room and experience nights booked, up 25% year-over-year! Long-term stays account for approximately 28% of stays. ” we had already Set up an option for pets, a new technology to control wifi from the app or even an automatic translation tool to make exchanges easier, To which we are now adding a new tool to help hosts adjust their rates according to seasonality says the global residence manager. Under his direction, the number of private room ads has increased by 30% this year: a huge success.

Management and leadership tips from Catherine Powell

Each week, I discuss with the hosts in order to better understand their expectations.

  • For hosts: I advise them to explore all available tools to facilitate the rental of their property. We have increased the number of categories to be as inclusive as possible, especially for people with disabilities.
  • For visitors: Treat the home you receive in as if it were your home. »

When asked about her leadership style, Katherine Powell answered with three words: curiosity, empathy, and vulnerability. ” Weakness is a real superpower. It’s about being comfortable with being upset, fully accepting your ignorance while remaining willing to learn and grow. It is also a false vulnerability that allows you not to isolate yourself by asking for help when necessary. » Driving advice for our readers? Don’t view your career in a linear way, like a ladder you have to climb, but consider each experience as a step to continue learning and growth.. Thus, you will be able to really take risks and advance. »

Katherine Powell – a role model for both men and women

“COVID has been an opportunity for us to focus on our core business: This is the achievement I am most proud of so far: In less than 14 days, we set up online trials to enable our hosts to adapt to containment measures. My favorite experience was during the Tokyo Olympics: we organized online webinars Internet with Paralympic athletes: Develop your positive thinking with a Paralympic athlete. Airbnb is also a partner of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. »

“Fresh Pasta Workshop with Grandma and Katherine Powell” © Airbnb, Inc.

In conclusion: The idea of ​​\u200b\u200btravel and experience was proposed to our readers by the global head of accommodation at Airbnb

  • Experience idea:I’Fresh Pasta Workshop with Grandma in Rome. Cook with one of the best chefs of all time: apparently the Italian grandmother, Nonna Nerina, and the other nuns from Palombara!»
  • Housing idea: I recently stayed in one of the new categories: Hanok [voir première photo de l’article]And the A traditional Korean house built in the architectural style of the Three Kingdoms period in Seoul. An extraordinary experience in which I was truly overwhelmed. »

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