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Maria Galland, the beauty brand that has been on the cutting edge for sixty years

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The first success of Maria Galland is to impress the directors of cosmetology institutes, by far the most experienced and demanding clients because they are at the forefront to satisfy their faithful. The brand was founded in 1962 by a former ballerina with the mission to reveal the unique beauty of every woman. Sixty years later, the tri-color brand is still one of the most progressive brands in cosmetics. What is left of the promise of its founder? Forbes spoke with CEO Kirsten Hangarter, the custodian of the legacy that lives on.

She was a ballerina who got her start in the cosmetics business in the early 1960s, and it wasn’t popular. What are the downsides to this choice?

Kirsten Hangarter : I want to answer you: audacity! Maria Galland was a visionary and determined woman with a passion for beauty. You have to remember that in 1962, to create a business when you were a woman, and also a very young woman, you needed a good dose of courage and perseverance. She definitely had a little dose of madness! At just under 30, she’d already opened her beauty house and launched three cult products: Mask No. 2, Rejuvenating Cream No. 5, and of course, the cult modeling mask.

Movement and energy are the two main pillars behind the brand’s aesthetic protocols. A holistic approach, ahead of its time, which also evokes the current facial trend. Explain to us the significance of this discovery for Maria Galland.

Maria Galland was deeply curious and eager to learn, and had the conviction that beauty was not a superficial cosmetic result. Generous, she was keen to reveal the unique beauty of each woman, she truly listened to them and called them her “patients”. More than plastic beauty, he aimed above all at elegance. She immediately surrounded herself with scientists from all walks of life to explore the mechanisms of cell regeneration, the stimulation of tissues and muscles through skillfully designed protocols, and the effect of nutrition on the skin: co-creating products and booths with many experts, thus starting a new skincare movement.

The woman of 2022 is very literate in terms of aesthetics: what dialogue do you have with your clients and what concerns do you respond to?

We share our knowledge with our customers, it is a matter of respect and accuracy of the individual response we give to each individual. We take the time to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis, not only of the skin but also of each woman’s lifestyle. All brands claim to diagnose, but few have done so for 60 years based on extensive knowledge of women’s skin and needs. We are fortunate to have this capital, this source of amazing data on women and their skin.

All our products have a number and it is no coincidence: among the elements that make the brand unique is the ambition to offer every woman a protocol of care to follow at home by combining products that he does not need any more. She thus receives a unique code that is likely to evolve over time according to the needs of her skin.

Maria Galland, founder of the tricolor brand

Behind Maria Galland’s products, there is an interaction between dermatologists, chemists, and biologists. What are the characteristic formulas of their discoveries?

We have historically had a very strong anti-aging experience, but our collections allow us to deliver a customized response to each woman’s skin. We ensure that our products combine the optimal dose of active ingredients to increase effectiveness over time. We don’t make false promises: it’s part of our values ​​and, again, part of respect. The results are there, it takes what we might call a “dermatological investment”: taking care of your skin over the long term to get real results.

We must not forget the pleasure, which is closely related to the effectiveness: while our products combine the optimal dose of active ingredients for visible efficacy, we do not compromise on the sensory.

Has your brand remained in the family fold?

Maria Galland Paris belongs to the Foundation. It’s a powerful signal of who we are and want to be: a brand that has influenced beauty for decades beyond commercial considerations, and one creating a respectable skincare movement.

Kirsten Hangarter : All brands claim to diagnose, but few have done so for 60 years based on extensive knowledge of women’s skin and needs.

Anniversaries are also a good excuse to open a new chapter. What story will you write at the beginning of 2023?

Over the past year, I have vowed to reaffirm the fundamentals of the brand, which are exceptional and which we had to make known to as many people as possible: the exceptional quality of our products, exclusive hand cabin protocols, and that very personal and holistic approach. Younger generations don’t know us while our products are exceptional, and have been formulated to ESG standards for several years. So I want to let her know because I’m so proud of her!

© Maria Galland

We have big projects that I can’t reveal yet, but I can already tell you that we will find our signature products there, and in particular the modeling mask, this amazing product that allows a visual transformation of the skin into a booth session. For 60 years, Maria Galland Paris has been influencing beauty, and we have the intention to go even further!

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